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#203 Posted : Monday, June 09, 2014 10:26:23 AM(UTC)

Welcome, Matt! (really, I guess, welcome *back*...)

With you on the America's Test Kitchen/Cooks' Illustrated practice of >> repackaging content in a million different ways (then again, EYB helps me figure out what recipes I have where, so maybe I won't end up buying the same recipes 4 different times). <<

In the several years before I really began to use EYB to the fullest, I routinely bought Cooks' Illustrated special issues in addition to the bi-monthly magazine.  Then a year ago or so I indexed one of the special issues for this site, and whoa! All but one of the recipes had appeared in the magazine not long before, some in several issues.  Haven't bought any of the CI/ATK output for a good while, but the collection I have is many, many times more useful to me because of Eat Your Books.

As is my shelf of cookbooks, which grew quite a bit due to notes and comments from EYB members, and from looking at other members' Bookshelves (fair warning!) The fever has broken a bit, and I'm down to only six cookbooks from which I haven't cooked at all (new and effective rule: can't buy a new cookbook until I've cooked from all I have). The bookmarking function is an excellent way to keep track of wishlists in various categories, and of recipes that I've made, ones I'm most eager to try, and ones that use particular ingredients.

The years I spent in Iowa in the mid-1980s were some of the best of my life; now determined to track down Little Heathens on your recommendation.  And Wolfert's clay pot cookbook has just moved a little higher on the wishlist...

Hope to hear much more from you as you cook your way through that solar-system-long list!

#201 Posted : Monday, June 09, 2014 6:42:16 PM(UTC)

Originally Posted by: milliganf190 Go to Quoted Post



I'm Fiona. I have taken early retirement and now concentrate on my half acre fruit and veg plot on a lovely organic farm in the next village. I love cooking and have over 100 cookery books and a large collection of recipes saved over the years from magazines and newspapers. EYB is an amazing help both in enabling me to make the most of my collection and introducing me to new books to buy (much to my husband's dismay!) and recipes. The weekly recipe newsletter is great addition to the site. This is the first time I have looked at this part of the site and it has been really interesting to read about everyone.


Wow half acre!  I can imagine how lovely it is and work.  I Have quarter acre but since it's in California watering needs to be watched due to drought.  The fruit trees are easier to maintain here. 


#185 Posted : Monday, June 09, 2014 6:47:26 PM(UTC)

Originally Posted by: Kerrey Go to Quoted Post
Hi, I'm Kerrey. I'm a cookbook addict. I have about 250 and aspire to be one of the members whose collection numbers in the thousands! I cook from my books every night, and am finding EYB to be helpful in remembering my successes, planning my meals, and saving money by searching for recipes that coordinate with the weekly grocery sales. Of course, I funnel my savings right back into my cookbook collection. I'm a neonatal nurse in my other life.


hahaha, in the thousands!  My excuse is I want to eat the best tasting food as long as I can and that usually means cooking.  There are still so many foods I want to cook and taste.  Tick, tick, tick LOL

#204 Posted : Monday, June 09, 2014 6:53:01 PM(UTC)

ssheiles、dirtgirl、queenbookie、 Kerrey、sknitter、PatriciaW、brando、goodfruit、tobarac、jeanieINparadise、milliganf190、and MKinLA - so nice to meet you and find out a little about other members on this site! 

#205 Posted : Tuesday, June 10, 2014 4:54:24 PM(UTC)

Welcome Goodfruit!  We're nearly neighbors in the Portland area.  Like you I have always tried to make use of all the seasonal bounty as it appears and EYB has been an immense help these past few years.  But it has also led me into buying far more cookbooks than I ever thought I would!  I have to tell you I have been picking up lots of Northwest cookbook authors recently and finding so many great recipes for the nuts, berries, fruits, veggies and fish in our area.  Without EYB I don't think I would have stocked up on these extra cookbooks but now that I have them I am having so much more fun in the kitchen.  Between Powell's used cookbooks and the Portland Goodwillbooks.com website I have found most of them at bargain prices too.  My most recent fun local author discovery is Janie Hibler.  Her books "The Berry Bible," "Dungeness Crab & Blackberry Cobbler," and "Wild About Game" are fabulous.  Then there are the books "Joy of Pickling" and "Joy of Jams & Jellies" by Linda Ziedrich of Scio, Oregon.  You will soon see how much fun EYB can be.

#206 Posted : Thursday, November 20, 2014 9:21:06 AM(UTC)


I'm Michele and I live about 20 miles east of London, England.

I have loads of cookery books, some new and others picked up in antiquarian book shops!

I love to cook and I love to eat too...

#207 Posted : Thursday, November 20, 2014 6:26:20 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: Seaprincess Go to Quoted Post
<p>I'm Michele and I live about 20 miles east of London, England.</p>
<p>I have loads of cookery books, some new and others picked up in antiquarian book shops!</p>
<p>I love to cook and I love to eat too...</p>

Welcome Michele!
#208 Posted : Tuesday, December 30, 2014 3:54:49 PM(UTC)

Hello! I am Amy from Northern Virginia/Washington DC. I have been a member of this site for almost a year but I am now just starting to use it. I have an ever growing cookbook collection. I do not know how many I have yet...but hopefully if I get them all entered I will have a count! :)  I classify myself as a new cook because I have not cooked much in the past, however, I am constantly buying and reading cookbooks, blogs, etc. So...many people think that I can cook just by my knowledge.  If you asked me to cook something, there are only a handful of things that I have actually cooked! :)

In addition to my obsession with cookbooks, I am also a total cookware and gadget junkie. I have a whole room full that I affectionately call my "Pan Room." I guess my cookbooks and cookware addiction stems more from a love of shopping than anything else. In an effort to keep my husband from complaining about it, I figured that I should learn to cook. I started a little cooking show about a year ago on YouTube called Amy Learns to Cook to document my journey. It is mostly watched by friends, family and people that I have met along the way. It has turned into a really fun hobby. I am learning to cook as well as learning to shoot and edit videos. I guess it keeps me out of trouble on the weekends.

It is nice to "meet" everyone!


#209 Posted : Wednesday, December 31, 2014 12:43:26 PM(UTC)

Virtual hi seaprincess and amylearnstocook! Very nice to meet you.   I am in the midst of Japanese New Year's Eve and New Year's Day cooking.  Already made black beans (not the same as western black beans - bigger), sushi style egg, prepping for serving sashimi, and tonight we are having hot soba noodle (long life) and shrimp tempura (red - auspicious). 

Wondering what all of you are cooking for New Year's celebration?

Wishing all of you Happy New Year!

#210 Posted : Wednesday, December 31, 2014 4:11:16 PM(UTC)
Welcome to amylearnstocook, fellow Northern Virgianian. As far as New Year's cooking I am getting much more ambitious than Christmas (when I had just risen from my sick-bed). Tonight I am going to make ricotta from scratch for the first time and use it for crostini and maybe with my scallop pasta in pesto. Tomorrow I am making Thekitchn's chicken in coconut milk, a riff on Jaime Oliver's Chicken in milk (which did not impress me). This recipe has a lot of elements I love- cilantro, ginger, lemongrass and star anise, and one-pot-cooking! Rinshin, I just read a novella about food in Japan that detailed the New Years menu- enjoy!
#211 Posted : Thursday, January 01, 2015 2:48:23 PM(UTC)

Hello:  I am Janine from Vancouver.  I just uploaded most of my cookbooks and find I have about 500!  I also found I have a few repeats I did not realize I had!  Must hide them from my husband and find a good home for them!  I have 4 grown children and I love to cook for them and their various amours when I have time away from my time-consuming job.

We recently moved from a large home into a small apartment.  I sacrificed the front closet to create a pantry/storage area for pots and pans and small appliances.  Good thing we don't need warm coats too often in Vancouver.  Strangely, I am finding the kitchen quite convenient even though it is very tiny.  I covered the floor with gel mats and made a few changes and everything is within a few steps of the chopping/mixing area.  Only one person fits in there though. I cooked for 4 days straight over Christmas and found the gel mats very helpful for my feet and back.   

I look forward to communicating with people who enjoy cooking as much as I do.  



#212 Posted : Thursday, January 01, 2015 3:04:36 PM(UTC)

Hi! My name is Carol while my 'cooking handle' is Savvychef- has also been my email since 1997. I was gifted with email by cousins as I had ACL surgery and was facing several months of rehab. Cooking and skiing were my passions then, and continue to be....along with collecting cookbooks, subscribing to cooking magazines (choices have varied over the years), and more. There will never be enough days to cook all the recipes I've collected or been drawn to by my 'inner tugging'. Live in the Rockies where snow is perfect, dry and deep....and only 20 minutes from 4 lift lines!! Workl at WilliamsSonoma parttime...the perfect pasttime for retirement! Found EYB earlier in the week, and know that I'll keep learning, cooking, and having a way to find access to those recipes. Thanks for saving me from drowning!!

#213 Posted : Saturday, January 03, 2015 4:52:37 PM(UTC)
Stumbled upon this site yesterday and am getting used to navigating. Excellent idea! My husband and I live near the beach in Southern California and we love to cook and eat. I thought I had a LOT of cookbooks until reading some of the posts here! Am adding my books now... Is there any way to cross reference members who share several books in their collection? Thanks and cheers to the new year! Joan q aka MaSaBeMama
#214 Posted : Saturday, January 03, 2015 9:07:27 PM(UTC)

Hi, Masabemama, and welcome to EYB.  We do have a feature that lets you see what books you have in common with other members.  There's an article here in the FAQ that tells you how to view another member's Bookshelf, including any books you both own.  Have fun exploring EYB!

#215 Posted : Sunday, January 04, 2015 6:25:18 PM(UTC)
I've been dreaming of something like Eat Your Books for nearly 20 years. At one point I even talked to a programmer about helping me to create it.
It's been great to reacquaint myself with my 100+ cookbooks, and now that I've retired, I hope to index some of mine to share. I have a pretty extensive collection of mushroom cookbooks, most of which are not indexed.
My husband and I live in Northern California, and we both love to cook, garden, shop at farmers markets and farms, and preserve foods by canning, drying and fermenting. Oh, and collect wild mushrooms when we can!
#216 Posted : Monday, January 05, 2015 10:52:03 AM(UTC)

Hi everyone

I've been lurking for a while, but here's my intro. 

I'm an avid baker and my favourite food is a nice slice of sourdough bread with butter on it. 
I worked in a bakery for quite a number of years, but now am a stay-at-home mom hoping to inspire my children to great heights of domestic prowess.
And I'm pleased to report that my three year old makes a lovely no-knead bread. 

I'm in Altantic Canada, and we have a lovely little place where we can grow our own everything.  I like to can, although my pickles are pathetic. We also have fresh milk, eggs and meat. 

My goals are to learn to make more authentic Asian food, and how to make cheese.  

Still getting used to the EYB website and how to use it. But it seems genius. 

#217 Posted : Sunday, June 21, 2015 6:29:24 PM(UTC)

My name is Pat. I joined a couple of months ago and these past few days entered most of my cookbooks.

My mother always had cookbooks when I was growing up. I don't remember her using them as much as just reading them. She had the large Mary Margaret McBride cookbook from the early 60's. We wore the front cover off because we sat on it as a booster seat at the dinner table.

If I had to pick my favorite cookbooks I would say I like Southern Living cookbooks the best. Recently I've beome very interested in cookbooks from the 1950's and 1960's. I keep my eye out for used cookbooks at yard sales and thrift shops.


#218 Posted : Sunday, June 21, 2015 7:05:23 PM(UTC)

I love 60's and 70's cookbooks too.  Still my treasured cookbook is called Recipes on Parade Foreign Foods, 1000 recipes from Military Officer's Wives -published1970.  This book have so many splashes and smears on it.  Lost the front and back cover.  Covers China, France Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Middle East, Pacific Islands, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain, and Globe Trotting.  I have cooked from all those places through this book and learned to love all types of food because of it. 

#219 Posted : Friday, August 21, 2015 4:29:33 PM(UTC)

Hello fellow cookbook lovers / collectors! I've been an EYB member for several years and my collection was recently profliled on EYB; I'm an Amazon.com Top Reviewer specializing in cookbook reviews and also review for several online publications. I recently started a blog to consolidate all my cookbook reviews and hope to devote more time to improving my blog in the near future once my current assignment finishes (I'm working 12-hour days and don't have the time or energy to blog right now!!)

I got into cookbook collecting about 10 years ago when I finally "settled down" after grad school / living abroad, currently have about 350 cookbooks, including a large number of foreign-language titles (Hebrew, French, Italian, Japanese, traditional Chinese, Spanish). I'm lucky enough to travel for work and pleasure, so I always pick up cookbooks / take cooking classes on my travels (so far I've visited Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Japan and Taiwan, next year Croatia). I also love collecting local / fundraiser cookbooks and Junior League books.

EYB is such a great community to connect with like-minded cookbook lovers! :-)



#220 Posted : Tuesday, August 25, 2015 1:25:13 PM(UTC)
Hello to all. My name is Nancy, I live in the southwest corner of Ohio, USA, & I have been an EYB member for several years. I LOVE EYB! For a long time I had been moaning about the time consuming task of searching through a pile of cookbooks for that certain recipe, and trying to locate an app or program that would give access to my cookbook indexes to make my cooking life simpler. One lucky day, I just happened upon EYB & it has become even more than I hoped for. It's great to be able to plug in the odd ingredients waiting to be used, & see if my books have a recipe to fit. If it's not in my collection, the EYB library offers another place to hunt, usually with excellent results. EYB makes planning my weekly menu soooo much easier.

On the personal level, we are (finally) on the verge of being empty nesters watching child #6 go off to college. I am a musician, retiring from private teaching soon, but still performing locally. The majority of my cookbooks are vegan, vegetarian & baking, but there are a number of omnivore books to keep the rest of the family happy. I've also indexed a number of books for EYB & hope to do more, plus continue adding to my cookbook collection (meager compared to some of you).
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