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Eat Your Books is an index of recipes1 from cookbooks, magazines, blogs and food websites. A single, searchable index that finds recipes and tells you where to find them. Use ingredients, recipe type, ethnicity, occasion, course or nutrition as your search terms.

A Premium Membership means you can create your own personal Bookshelf. List all the cookbooks and magazines you own and an index is automatically created. Add any of the indexed blogs you follow; recipes from other food sites; you can even use the EYB indexing tool for your own personal recipes. You have a searchable index of ALL your recipes – you’ll never waste time finding recipes again – which means more cooking time!

Feature Non-Member Free Membership Premium Membership
Cookbooks & Magazines
Search EYB Library Yes Yes Yes
Add Books to Bookshelf 0 52 Unlimited
Add Magazines to Bookshelf 0 52 Unlimited
Request Books to be Indexed No Yes Yes
Request Books to be added to the EYB Library No No Yes
Self Index Books No No Yes
ISBN import to create Bookshelf No No Yes
Online Recipes
Search over 100,000 Online Recipes3 Yes Yes Yes
Add Blogs to Bookshelf 0 52 Unlimited
Add Online Recipes to your Bookshelf 0 0 Unlimited
Add any Online Recipe using Bookmarklet4 0 0 Unlimited
Personal Recipes
Create Index of Personal Recipes No No Yes
Bookmark Books and Recipes No Yes Yes
Add Notes for Recipes and Books No Yes Yes
Add Personal Notes No Yes Yes
Add Recipes to Shopping List No Yes Yes
Create searchable index of ALL your recipes No No Yes
Blog Yes Yes Yes
Get involved with the EYB community on the Forum No Yes Yes
Free Free US$25 per annum
US$2.50 per month
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1 Eat Your Books is NOT a recipe site, so you won't find the recipes here, but you will be able to find them!

2 5 is the total limit for books, magazines and blogs

3 Online Recipes means links to complete recipes, indexed by EYB, that have an official version online. The sources of the recipes are: Magazines (30%), Cookbooks (10%), Food Blogs (50%), Recipes added by members (10%)

4 Members can add recipes from most online recipe websites that publish the complete recipe and acknowledge the original author.