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Too hot to cook inside, roasted ahead on grill with an added gypsy pepper, chilled 4 hours -- Fantastic!
by coyote about Roasted gazpacho from How to Cook Everything
I made this with a few changes- I had a boneless butterflied leg of lamb so I stuffed it with some of the spinach/feta mixture and placed the rice and spinach around it. I used Korean chives instead of scallions, to use them up. Instead of lemon juice to finish I chopped a preserved lemon and added it to the rice for the last few minutes. Even with extra broth and oven time, some of the rice was chewy but over all this was a keeper.
by Barb_N about Greek roast lamb on rice and spinach from Pure Simple Cooking
I loved this salad, something different for the bumper crop of cucumbers. I reduced the chilies, as I do with all of Miss Dunlop's recipes.
by IvyManning about Spicy cucumber salad from Land of Plenty
Easy, yummy, lots of room for improvisation.
by meggan about Stir fried noodles with chicken, ginger & basil from Tasting Table: Sous Chef Series 2012
Very good, easy recipe. I added the curry powder at the beginning, sauteeing with the butter. Used 1.5 cups water and 1/4 cup thick coconut cream from the freezer. Really enjoyed this rice but might want to add a bit more coconut next time.
by westminstr about Pistachio-coconut rice from Radically Simple: Brilliant Flavors with Breathtaking Ease
Made a half recipe with 1/3 cup yogurt and a bit less milk. For the pita, I stirred in pita chips at the end to taste. I loved everything about this salad, especially the sumac!
by westminstr about Na'ama's fattoush from Jerusalem
I used a mini food processor for the dukkah, because my mortar is too small for the hazelnuts. That didn't crush the spices enough, so I would crush the spices in a mortar or coffee grinder and do the hazelnuts in a processor. My lentils needed a lot more water before they were tender! I substituted whole cherry tomatoes, and used basil instead of coriander. I halved the quantity of lentils and allowed 2 eggs each to make it a reasonable meal-in-a-bowl portion for 2 people.
by Foodycat about Roast tomatoes and lentils with dukka-crumbed eggs from Change of Appetite
This was delicious! We swapped boneless skinless chicken thighs for the chicken breasts and used the super dark sourdough pretzels for the crust. The meat was juicy and tender and the crust was delicious. I'll definitely make this again!
by cjannace about Mustard-baked chicken with a pretzel crust (Cooking from the Glossies) from Serious Eats
I used 8oz dry spaghettini and about 5 oz of butter in the sauce, along with 1 heaping tb of sichuan chilli bean paste and it was excellent. I do think that quantity of past yielded approximately 3 dinner sized servings. If you added a robust salad that might stretch it out a bit but it isn't a large meal. Flavour wise the combination of butter, parm, and chilli is excellent and the orange pushes it just over the edge.
by Delys77 about Capellini with chili paste and crispy egg from Radically Simple: Brilliant Flavors with Breathtaking Ease
I wasn't paying attention when I made these cookies and I made quite a few errors, including stirring the almonds meant to be used for the topping directly into the dough. (I measured out additional almonds for the topping.) Despite my ineptitude, these (Double) Almond Diamonds baked up to be a delicious, simple cookie, perfect alongside some seasonal fruit for dessert. They kept well, too, staying nice and crispy in an airtight tupperware. I'll make these again (and I'll probably double the almonds on purpose next time)!
by louie734 about Almond diamonds from Supper Book
Quick, tasty dish for a weeknight dinner. We tried this last night and really liked them. Not too much prep and most of the time they cook unattended in the oven. The flavors of the sweet plums pair nicely with the pork, spices and other ingredients.
by hillsboroks about Pork chops with plums and Chinese spices from Pure Simple Cooking
This is a variation of Chicken Salad with Olive Oil.
by sturlington about Traditional chicken salad from How to Cook Everything, Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition
Not really a recipe, just guidelines for putting together main course salads.
by sturlington about Composed salad with grilled chicken from How to Cook Everything, Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition
This is a nice formula for a hearty diner-style scramble. Can vary the type of sausage and peppers (I used banana peppers and breakfast turkey sausage). I do add the filling ingredients before the eggs are fully cooked so as to better incorporate them. I find that if I wait too long, the dish is more like scrambled eggs with stuff on top.
by sturlington about Scrambled eggs with sausage, sweet peppers, and cheddar from Cook's Illustrated Cookbook
Super simple and really delicious with fresh corn. Add zucchini/summer squash or leave it out.
by sturlington about Skillet-fried corn from Sara Foster's Southern Kitchen
Read an interview with Diana Henry regarding 'A Change of Appetite'
by The Splendid Table about Change of Appetite   -  full review
What I really enjoy about this recipe is the contrast of the hot, crispy bread to the soft beans, creamy cheese, cool tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, spicy chipotle sauce, and tangy, refreshing guacamole.
by The Experimental Gourmand about Indian fry bread tacos from Herbivoracious   -  full review
Both the book and his blog share the same name and the same philosophy, that vegetarian cooking should be a riot of bold, bright flavors and global influences dancing upon the palate - also interview.
by Mercury News (San Jose) about Herbivoracious   -  full review
Pizza made on the grill is a life-changing experience...These ladies would certainly second my opinion — this entire book is an ode to all the incredible bread-based creations we can make on the grill
by The Kitchn about Patio Pizzeria   -  full review
I had no idea what a fool I was to compost carrot tops rather than transform them into pesto, and jettison perfect radish greens instead of puréeing them with carrot, potato, leek and onion for a soup
by The Seattle Times about Roots   -  full review
...widespread change in food quality doesn't come from restaurants but from educated, passionate and demanding home cooks. Diane Morgan and her remarkable cookbook are vital instruments of that change
by Denver Post about Roots   -  full review
It’s a gorgeous work, loaded with dramatic color photos, that puts root vegetables in a whole new light. Just as pork belly has become a new status symbol, could the same be in store for celery root?
by The Los Angeles Times about Roots   -  full review
The recipes in the engaging and encyclopedic cookbook let the meaty vegetables shine...They prove that butter, cream and cheese are unnecessary accoutrements.
by Tasting Table about Roots   -  full review
Each chapter in the encyclopedic work focuses on a single vegetable and educates home cooks on everything from its history and lore to its availability and culinary uses.
by The Oregonian about Roots   -  full review
...one of my favorite things about this book...Diane shows root vegetables more commonly used in Asian, Indian, and Latin American cooking and teaches through the recipes how good they can taste.
by The Kitchn about Roots   -  full review
...plays on classic dishes and childhood favourites, giving comfort food a grown-up makeover and upgrading our sometimes shameful food cravings.
by Calgary Herald about Dirty Food   -  full review
The Backyard Bartender also takes the trouble to offer a selection of non-alcoholic drinks, as well as crowd-pleasers like sangrias and punches.
by The Boston Globe about Backyard Bartender   -  full review
Q & A with author Jeffrey Morgenthaler
by Food52 about Bar Book   -  full review
In 50 well-crafted and imaginative recipes, Anupy shows you how to use the modern slow cooker to get the beautiful, complex flavors of her ancient native cuisine. A book that will surprise you.
by In the Kitchen and on the Road with Dorie about Indian Slow Cooker   -  full review
...will know about his explorations into how what and the way we eat affects the environment. Here he gives us 500 recipes that allow us to eat well, tread lightly and do good.
by In the Kitchen and on the Road with Dorie about Food Matters Cookbook   -  full review

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