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I cooked the noodles separately (I actually used a 12 oz box of Schar’s Tagliattelle and cooked it just 5 min to allow noodles th) do not add the water. Add just enough no-salt-added beef stock to make a nice sauce.
by cadiltz about One-pot creamy beef Stroganoff from Pillsbury.com
Season openers full of fresh and intriguing ideas with spring vegetables. Exciting recipes to try.
by Rinshin about Saveur Magazine, April 2015 (#173)
My (not very foodie at all) partner said, 'it isn't very tomatoey'. Which is wasn't. But hey, still tasty. Will make again (but if he's after a tomatoey pasta sauce, I may add more tomatoes).
by BigOrangeTiger about Mushroom Bolognese from Complete Vegetarian Cookbook
This is pretty darn good. I used rum instead of bourbon. and I also put these on the BBQ. I will make this again in some form.
by Radish about Bourbon and marmalade-glazed drumsticks from Bird in the Hand
This is a lovely, hearty salad. Enjoyed the nutty texture of the pearl barley and added an additional leek along with the roasted fennel and squash. Needs a good amount of seasoning though and would be lovely with some crumbled goats cheese for even more flavour.
by Varundel about Spelt salad with squash and fennel from River Cottage Veg Every Day!
This was nice, but a bit too sweet for my taste maybe because I used large Medjool dates plus the optional banana. Nice coconut flavor from the coconut water and the shredded coconut, great combination with the earthy buckwheat taste.
by Astrid5555 about Coconut buckwheat porridge with cinnamon and buttered dates from Simply Ancient Grains
This cake is amazing!!! Just the right amount of sweetness and a beautiful light texture that is a cross between an angel food cake and pound cake. Actually it kind of tasted like a baked doughnut. It turned out a beautiful yellow color from our farm eggs, and was very easy to throw together.
by Summerlandsky about Coconut chiffon cake with coconut glaze from Baking with Less Sugar
A good basic soup. I added some chicken broth, spinach, and some shredded carrot.
by carlenedrake about Potato soup from Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone
Like jifar, I added ground almonds to the crumble. The crumble recipe is for a large amount, for this recipe I prepared 10%, and it was the perfect amount. I used only 75g of apple and 200g pear. I was afraid the cinnamon and cloves would dominate, but no fear - it was a perfect complement. A light and delicately flavored cake. The ONLY negative is that I dirtied up 7 bowls!
by Queezle_Sister about Pear and Amaretto crumble cake from Ottolenghi: The Cookbook
Made with vegetarian stock, a lovely spring dish with the fresh mushrooms. I used whey leftover from my ricotta making and leftover stock for the polenta. It didn't need as long for the polenta to cook as indicated in the recipe, because for whatever reason it took a long time to come to temperature.
by swegener about Mushroom ragù on polenta from Canal House Cooking, Volume 2
If you let the acid/milk sit for longer it is much easier to strain and gives a better end product--also this is too much salt for the amount of ricotta.
by swegener about Homemade goat milk ricotta from Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl + Spoon
I used goat's milk, and white wine vinegar. This was a pretty good recipe--better than the one I found that was specific to goat's milk.
by swegener about Homemade ricotta (Ricotta della mamma) from Fabio's Italian Kitchen
Tried this a second time using frozen rhubarb from last summer's garden. The recipe calls for adding quite a bit of water to the rhubarb but if using frozen rhubarb I would cut it back at least 3/4 or eliminate it entirely. For one wild duck cut the rhubarb sauce in half. Still turned out delicious but with a bit of a runny sauce. Trying it again tomorrow night with another duck and the remaining rhubarb sauce cooked down to reduce it. I may add some of the extra rhubarb that I did not put in the first batch to up the rhubarb zing.
by hillsboroks about Gressingham duck breast with rhubarb sauce from Gastropub Cookbook
This is so easy yet so fabulous! Quick but it really brings out a whole another dimension to asparagus. Great choice when you get bored with steamed asparagus during asparagus high season.
by hillsboroks about Simply the best roasted asparagus from Roasted Vegetable
Horseradish lovers will appreciate the Swedish Beet Salad with Horseradish Dressing. It's delicious & different!
by vikingcook about Faye Levy's International Vegetable Cookbook
Pitt Cue Co.: The Cookbook is a winner. Plan your menu ahead of time and you’ll be fine. The recipes in here beg for a crowd, so invite a bunch of people over and enjoy that moment of glory...
by Publishers Weekly about Pitt Cue Co.: The Cookbook   -  full review
That’s because it’s written by a chef who isn't afraid to get reckless with vegetables until a good dish presents itself... This is what we need. We already have precious love songs about vegetables.
by Food52 about Girl and Her Greens   -  full review
The technique for these potatoes is genius... Boil tiny potatoes in well-salted water until the water is gone. ...perfectly cooked potatoes with a toasty, slightly salty crust. I ate them like candy.
by Fine Cooking about Salt-crusted potatoes with herbed vinegar from Girl and Her Greens   -  full review
If kale always tasted like this, I'd eat more kale. Deep, dark green and pleasantly garlicky, it's great on pizza, pasta, or, as suggested by Bloomfield, stirred into polenta.
by Fine Cooking about Kale puree from Girl and Her Greens   -  full review
Simmering cauliflower in a spicy broth to boost its flavor before roasting is, well, genius. The accompanying cheese is mighty tasty, too.
by Food52 about Whole roasted cauliflower with whipped goat cheese [Alon Shaya] from Food52 Genius Recipes   -  full review
If you want the smoothest, silkiest hummus ever, make this one. The genius step is sautéing the chickpeas with a little baking soda.
by Food52 about Basic hummus [Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi] from Food52 Genius Recipes   -  full review
The book might not hold up in the kitchen, and it might not hold up without the strength of Tosi, Milk Bar, and Momofuku behind it, but that doesn't mean we don't learn from it.
by Food52 about Milk Bar Life   -  full review
There’s one for every table and every occasion, and this book goes a long way toward easing these healthful greens onto the menu throughout the year.
by The Boston Globe about Brassicas   -  full review
...knockout flavors realized through instructions that are, well, not foolproof. In some cases you can use your judgment...with the baking recipes, the solution might not be as obvious.
by The Washington Post about Home   -  full review
This isn’t a book just for those looking to shift to a more plant-based diet—it’s also for those who are already embracing it. ...get the most experienced among us to look at ingredients in a new way
by Food52 about My New Roots   -  full review
Interview with author Faith Durand
by The Kitchn about Bakeless Sweets   -  full review
Interview with author Emma Christensen
by The Kitchn about True Brews   -  full review
Interview with author Megan Gordon
by The Kitchn about Whole-Grain Mornings   -  full review
Interview with author Nick Evans
by The Kitchn about Love Your Leftovers   -  full review
Interview with author Maureen Petrosky
by The Kitchn about Cocktail Club   -  full review

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