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I agree that the sauce is lovely and overall this is a very nice, healthy meal with fresh flavours. My only drawback is, as with many of these recipes, that although the prep is fairly fast, the amount of washing up it creates (pan for the sauce, pan for the pork, pan for the rice, food processor, etc.) is quite a lot for what is supposed to be a quick midweek meal!
by redjanet about Pork steaks, Hungarian pepper sauce & rice from Jamie's 15-Minute Meals
A good traditional cornbread recipe - meaning that it comes out as a tangy, drier version with a nice crust if using a seasoned cast iron skillet. An easy recipe for those new to quick breads and not afraid of a little bacon fat. In the future, I think I would most likely add a touch of sugar to bring out the sweetness of the cornmeal and scallions or a brunoise of jalepenos just for a little extra kick. Overall, solid recipe.
by rsabine about Cracklin' cornbread from Heritage
Quick and simple. Lovely delicate chicken flavour.
by Dishyrishie about Coconut-poached chicken salad from Delicious Magazine (Aus), June 2014
I also found this recipe a bit lacking, although I had high hopes for it. I read some comments online and substituted fish sauce for some of the soy sauce for a more authentic Thai taste. You have to partially cook the rice, and I found that difficult to judge. Also, my fish needed more time in the oven than that given in the recipe. I also found the balance of flavours a bit off; the sauce was a bit too sour and salty for me, and was missing a sweet note. I do think this is a good basic idea; I might try it again with a different sauce.
by eliza about Steamed Thai-style sea bass and rice from Cook with Jamie
This salsa fit the bill (tho I would have preferred the apple salsa from Vibrant Food, had to avoid it due to alergies) to top pulled pork that was my "blizzard" cooking. It was too tame, no tang or bite although the char on the kernels added visual interest.
by Barb_N about Mexican pulled pork (carnitas) tacos with corn-and-red-onion salsa from Bitten Word
This was indeed quick and easy, and delicious. I'm not a big rice eater, but wanted to ring in the new year with this traditional dish. The one thing I'd do different is either omit the bacon, or reduce it. The bacon flavor was strong, but the actual bacon was sort of flabby. I also would like more collards, but that is a personal preference.
by swegener about Hoppin' John with collards from How to Cook Everything Fast
Easy and delicious--I may have let it rise too much on the first rise--it was out of the standmixer when I returned from the gym. I probably ought to have pressed it down further as well, but it was very good. Next time I might add some roasted garlic to the bread topping.
by swegener about Genovese focaccia (Focaccia Genovese) from Lidia's Commonsense Italian Cooking
meh, I think I expected too much from this recipe. I felt like for the calories there should be more flavor. I think I ought to have tried a variation, but wanted to please a wide range of picky palates.
by swegener about Classic mac from Mac + Cheese Cookbook
Granny Smith Apple
by Lnevva about Sausage patties with caramelized onions from Food & Wine
Used Oscar's Smokehouse pork loin.
by MVitek about Ham and leek empanadas from Make it Ahead
I used 50/50 whole wheat and all-purpose flour and it worked just fine. Very tasty!
by JoCam1717 about Cornbread with harissa butter from David Lebovitz
Thank you meggan! I read the review, found the recipe and gave it a go. I added a tablespoon of honey as well to up the caramelising. Loved it and will make again for sure, I think that this marinade would work for chicken as well....will try it and report back
by KarinaFrancis about Gochujang-and-sesame-roasted winter squash from Bon Appétit Magazine, January 2015
Not a winner. Not sure what the problem was, but will explore other ways to use up a container of miso that is taking up fridge real estate
by KarinaFrancis about Thick miso dressing for beans from How to Eat
I loved this. May be my new basic go-to chili recipe. I started to double the recipe, but made some adjustments as I went. Here's what I did: 2lbs ground beef from Belcampo Meat Co. (not 90% lean, not sure what it was), 2 medium onions, 4 cloves garlic, 1lb small crimini mushrooms, 1 cup bulgur, 4 tbsp Bourbon Barrel Foods Worcestershire, 1 heaping tbsp ancho chile powder, 3 tbsp chili powder, 1 tbsp sweet paprika, 1 tbsp Bourbon Barrel Foods Smoked Paprika, 4 tsp ground cumin, 3 cups Belcampo Beef Stock, 1 can Budweiser, 1 15 oz can kidney beans, 1 15 oz can pinto beans, At this point I just couldn't stand the thought of chili with no tomato in it, so I grabbed a 28 oz can of DiNapoli crushed tomatoes in puree and added it. And I threw in a small can of mild fire-roasted green chiles too. I let it simmer for an hour. Salt and pepper to taste. I loved the flavor & consistency of this. Couldn't even tell the bulgur was in there. Topped with the usual fixins.
by babyfork about Cowboy beef & bean chili from EatingWell Magazine, Sep/Oct 2013
Optional but recommended: caraway seeds and beef stock
by zorka about Cabbage and noodles from Saveur.com
Alternating bites between the pork and the broccoli was a revelation, warming and cooling the mouth for a balanced meal. The ice cubes seem unnecessary, but don't skip them...
by Serious Eats about Pork in spicy dressing with iced broccoli stems (Mu manao) from Simple Thai Food   -  full review
The is an excellent integrator—each seemingly disparate ingredient in the wrap tasted cohesive when drizzled with the sweet and salty sauce. I would ... recommend rinsing the ginger before serving.
by Serious Eats about Leaf-wrapped salad bites (Miang kham) from Simple Thai Food   -  full review
The finished curry is quite complex when made from scratch, and it clings to the rice noodles with comforting ease.
by Serious Eats about Curry noodles with chicken (Kuai-tiao kaeng sai kai) from Simple Thai Food   -  full review
This recipe is a great way to use hardboiled eggs that you didn't peel perfectly—the frying process will hide any errant pock-marks.
by Serious Eats about Son-in-law eggs (Khai luk khoei) from Simple Thai Food   -  full review
This spicy and tart tomato relish is a great match for rich rib-eye. ... Next time, I'd move the tray of vegetables into the still-warm oven to soften after charring them.
by Serious Eats about Grilled steaks with roasted tomato dipping sauce [Crying tiger] (Suea rong kap jaeo ma-khuea thet) from Simple Thai Food   -  full review
It's about as simple as whipping up a batch of meringue, but the results are far more thrilling. [...] Impressive? Totally. Difficult? Not too much. But delicious and so much fun.
by Serious Eats about Chocolate-filled vanilla marshmallows from Marshmallow Madness!   -  full review
We love the idea of flavoring marshmallows with liqueur, but if you're not feeling like a cocktail you can always sub in peppermint extract and a few dashes of green food coloring...
by Serious Eats about Creme de menthe marshmallows from Marshmallow Madness!   -  full review
By making a syrup of malted milk powder and cocoa, these marshmallows take on a whole lot of Whoppers-esque flavor.
by Serious Eats about Chocolate malt marshmallows from Marshmallow Madness!   -  full review
If you have trepidations about tackling both caramels and marshmallows at one time, you can simplify the recipe by investing in a can of dulce de leche.
by Serious Eats about Sea salt caramel swirl marshmallows from Marshmallow Madness!   -  full review
Mash avocado, mix in horseradish, and shape into quenelles for an elegant side. The avocado is a great vehicle for carrying the bitter root's flavor. Try them alongside grilled shrimp.
by Fine Cooking about Horseradish and avocado quenelles from Bitter   -  full review
An ingenious way to cook fish...start in a cold pan, and then simmer before capers and crème fraîche get added to finish. The result is silky, tender fish and a luxurious, fragrant sauce.
by Fine Cooking about Cod with lemon, tarragon and crème fraîche from Eat   -  full review
How can three ingredients--drumsticks, marmalade, and whole-grain mustard--taste so good? Try it to find out.
by Fine Cooking about Marmalade chicken from Eat   -  full review
Some of Headley’s creations will be difficult for the average baker to pull off, but hey! They’re not all meant for public dispensation, I guess. But they are new, and they are different.
by The Washington Post about Brooks Headley's Fancy Desserts   -  full review
Would I recommend “Prune” to Post readers, in my role as cookbook reviewer? Honestly, I’m torn. I appreciate Hamilton’s genius with simple ingredients. I also appreciate a well-crafted recipe.
by The Washington Post about Prune   -  full review
They have endless ideas for festive meals that will make not just your veggie friends happy, but all your guests! Because why not?...goes way beyond just helping you plan a good menu...
by The Kitchn about Vegetarian Dinner Parties   -  full review

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