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September 19 2014, 0 Comments

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Embrace the ebb and flow of seasons with Annabel Langbein

September 19 2014, 0 Comments

Through the Seasons is a partner to Annabel's third television series and follows the rhythms of her New Zealand garden... read more

Cookbook Giveaway - Through the Seasons

September 19 2014, 3 Comments

Australia and New Zealand EYB members are eligible to enter for a chance to win one of three copies of Annabel Langbein's latest cookbook... read more

Alta Editions Kickstarter features a "pioneering digital cookbook"

September 18 2014, 0 Comments

The award-winning publisher aims to evolve digital cookbooks beyond print replicas... read more

Stamp of approval

September 17 2014, 0 Comments

The U.S. Postal Service is releasing a series of stamps honoring revolutionary chefs... read more

Behind the scenes with a cookbook editor

September 16 2014, 0 Comments

An enlightening interview with Rux Martin, editor of best-selling cookbooks like Around My French Table... read more

Faster! Easier! Simpler!

September 15 2014, 1 Comment

Ever notice how authors publish progressively easier cookbooks?... read more

These are the best brownies - easy without any exotic ingredients.
by aargle about Rich chocolate brownies from Old Food
basic recepie
by anettebakes about Swedish pancakes from Best Quick Breads
Tend to crumble a bit when cooking after freezing and defrosting.
by pennyvr about Sweetcorn & sweet potato burgers from BBC Good Food Magazine Home Cooking Series: Eat Well (Winter 2013)
Used frozen banana instead of ice This was enjoyable - other banana smoothie type recipes can be too sweet with the added honey
by KIGirl about Banana milkshake from More Taste of Life
Also in Roast Chicken and Other Stories. I didn't use the whole recipe, but I did use the method for coring and slowly braising the endive in butter and lemon juice. It smelt absolutely mouthwatering and tasted even better - definitely my new favoured method for cooking endive.
by Foodycat about Endives au gratin from Good Cook
Page 194. See head note for C GF option.
by DKennedy about Banana chocolate silver dollars from Huckleberry
The cherry tomatoes can be roasted for only 30 minutes, perhaps less, to make this a quicker weeknight recipe.
by sturlington about Penne with cherry tomatoes, garlic, and basil from Cook's Illustrated Cookbook
I chose this recipe for pork shoulder because it had several favorable notes. The ingredients sound like they would result in a very flavorful sauce but I did not think so. There was the barest hint of cinnamon and the occasional bite of olive- otherwise it was a one-note of tomato.
by Barb_N about Braised pork shoulder with tomatoes, cinnamon, and olives over polenta from Cook This Now
This is quick to do -- the most time-consuming part is shelling the mussels, but if you cook them first you can do that while the water for the pasta is coming to the boil. It takes just a few minutes after that. It's excellent as it is, but I think you could put a pinch of curry powder in it -- it goes well in creamy mussel dishes.
by veronicafrance about Green pasta with mussels and bacon from Josceline Dimbleby's Complete Cookbook
This was tasty. I substituted pancetta for bacon and queso fresco for cotija. The pancetta didn't really seem to add anything. The queso fresco worked very well. Despite this being good, I'd probably prefer fried eggs with a salsa verde.
by twoyolks about Mexican eggs in purgatory from Food & Wine Magazine, December 2012
Recipe from Claire Turnbull but sourced from Biba Hair Salon.
by SusanN about Biba bliss balls from Claire Turnbull
This was easy to make and a nice alternative to overnight oats or homemade granola. Sweet enough from the dried fruit and spices to eat with no additional sugar. A bit too much anise for my personal taste but that's easily corrected. The recommended serving size made a healthy, satisfying breakfast, and my kids liked it! A good basic recipe and I am looking forward to testing out variations with different fruits and nuts (she recommends a few in the notes).
by westminstr about Warm muesli with figs, pistachios, and anise from Ancient Grains for Modern Meals
Made the batter today to bake off tomorrow morning. Per the head note, the batter can be held overnight. I used her GF flour mix, substituted buttermilk for the yogurt, and cut back the chocolate from 2 1/4 cups to 2 cups. Had just enough to fill a tin of 12 muffins. Can't wait for breakfast!
by DKennedy about Chocolate chunk muffins from Huckleberry
A Change of Appetite emphasizes healthy eating by telling readers what they can eat instead of what they can’t, drawing us to cuisines where eating well is an everyday affair.
by The Montreal Gazette about Change of Appetite   -  full review
Hey, you don’t get a recommendation much better than Yotam Ottolenghi’s quote, “Everything Diana Henry cooks I want to eat,” on the book’s cover. I’d follow Henry almost anywhere.
by Los Angeles Times about Change of Appetite   -  full review
Clocking in at about 350 pages, it's a commitment to be sure, but it's one that will leave you feeling informed, engaged, and, most of all, hungry.
by Saveur.com about Edible South: The Power of Food and the Making of an American Region   -  full review
...the gorgeous photography is enough to convince any cook to pick up a pan... Bitter is a timely work. But, more importantly, it’s a beautifully utilitarian cookbook.
by Saveur.com about Bitter   -  full review
...the recipes for this Southern staple are easy to follow, simple, and delicious. But even more than the recipes, it's Magness’ entertaining and...downright hilarious voice that makes the book great.
by Saveur.com about Pimento Cheese: The Cookbook   -  full review
...techniques like hay-smoking, preserving, and pickling, the book still manages to remain approachable...a must-have for anyone intrigued by the mysterious beauty and complex flavors of Iceland.
by Saveur.com about North   -  full review
The book meanders pleasantly...feeling like a particularly animated conversation with a knowledgeable and insatiably curious friend. It's a joy to read for anyone with a love of food and words.
by Saveur.com about Language of Food   -  full review
...the book's focus on simple, sourceable ingredients makes the array of mouth-watering menus approachable, whether you're in Erickson's Portage Bay backyard or in the land-locked Midwest.
by Saveur.com about Boat, a Whale & a Walrus   -  full review
...the book is visually striking, with bold, elegant typefaces, clean lines, and stunning photographs...a seamless translation of Le's online work to print, and our kitchens are better off for it.
by Saveur.com about Easy Gourmet   -  full review
Each recipe is presented with an eye for technique and a borderline-obsessive attention to detail—a mark of his pastry chef background—plus plenty of his irresistible Mississippi charm.
by Saveur.com about Sweet & Southern   -  full review
I'm seriously in love with this egg method, but the finger-licking chicken jus is great, too.
by Serious Eats about Chicken and egg, poached scrambled egg, chicken jus infused with katsuobushi, radish, seaweed powder from Coi: Stories and Recipes   -  full review
For a dish that appears so mysterious and challenging, it really wasn't terribly difficult. My attempt wasn't quite as pretty, but it still tasted great.
by Serious Eats about Earth and sea, steamed tofu mousseline, yuba, mushroom dashi from Coi: Stories and Recipes   -  full review
Take care to follow the directions and roast the carrots until they are totally tender, otherwise the coffee flavor will overwhelm the natural sweetness of the vegetable.
by Serious Eats about Carrots roasted in coffee beans, mandarin, Roman mint from Coi: Stories and Recipes   -  full review
Rarely am I as inspired by a new cookbook - besides being beautiful and irresistibly down to earth, I love how she has divided her recipes...into adjectives like Smudgy, Crumbly, Flaky and Drippy...
by Parents Canada about Messy Baker   -  full review
Best Cookbooks of 2009 - I've seen a lot of organic, green and sustainable cookbooks the last couple of years, but this is the first one with recipes I actually want to cook.
by Cooking with Amy about Lucid Food   -  full review

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