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Outstanding. My only criticism is there was a touch too much lemon for my taste. Note that this recipe uses one half of one sheet of frozen puff pastry.
by jumali about Summer squash and Parmesan galette from Brown Eggs and Jam Jars
I served this with the seared scallop recipe, and it was delicious and elegant.
by JKDLady about Spicy red pepper & cilantro sauce from Fine Cooking Annual, Volume 1
Terrific dish. I added a layer of sliced onion, green onions, and shredded raclette.
by JKDLady about Straw potato cake from Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone
Quick, easy and delicious for using up CSA green beans.
by Lindalib about Green beans, tomatoes, and pine nuts from Hay Day Country Market Cookbook
Made this without the carrots and chilies, as I was using it in another application, and guest preference.
by milgwimper about Vietnamese dipping sauce (Nuoc cham) from Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table
This recipe makes good slightly sweet waffles or pancakes. You might want to reduce the sugar a bit. It is one of our go to recipes for pancakes and waffles.
by milgwimper about Multi-grain waffles from Essential EatingWell Cookbook
Made these for years, and they a fabulous. I reduce the sugar and make them smaller.
by milgwimper about Totally chocolate chocolate chip cookies from Big Fat Cookies
Straight forward and gets rid of all my red currants. I add lime juice or lemon juice.
by milgwimper about Red currant jelly from Jellies, Jams & Chutneys
Made the amaranth porridge which was different than say oats. It reminded me of cream of wheat. We didn't have plums, and we tend to like savory breakfasts more. Soon as the plums come I will be making the full recipe.
by milgwimper about Amaranth porridge with caramelized plums from Green Kitchen Travels
p. 193 - I’ve had good luck with Emeril’s recipes so when an EYB search for Chili yielded this recipe I thought I’d give it a try We loved this chili. What sets it apart from other recipes I’ve tried is the dark beer, the quantity of dark beer to be specific. There are 2 x 12oz bottles of dark beer, 1 x 28oz can of tomatoes and a tbsp of tomato paste in the “sauce” for this chili in addition to the herbs and spices of course. The recipe is also quite hearty with 2lbs of beef and 3 cups of cooked kidney beans going into the mix. I halved the recipe since I wasn’t expecting a crowd and the quantities above represent this. I think the beer brought a depth of flavour to the chili and perhaps a little bitterness but bitter in a good way as it really balanced the richness of the meat and beans. I’d happily make this again. Photo here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/1016328?commentId=9664605#9664605
by Breadcrumbs about Kickin' chili from Emeril's Potluck
Fantastic colour and texture. Makes a large cake.
by gjnmc about Best ever chocolate cake from Cakes
Correct URL for this recipe is http://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/recipes/beef-stew-with-dumplings/
by hewlettn about Beef and ale stew with herby dumplings from Delicious Magazine (UK), February 2011
Correct link to recipe is http://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/recipes/beef-stew-with-dumplings/
by hewlettn about Beef and ale stew with herby dumplings from Delicious Magazine (UK), February 2011
Note - this recipe is "ROASTED Whole Tokyo Turnips," not grilled. We had them at Tosca Cafe in San Francisco at loved them - one of my most memorable restaurant vegetable sides ever. I was excited to see that this recipe was included when this book was released. As prepared, they taste exactly the way they did in the restaurant. The turnips are roasty, a bit soft and sweet, and very salty. My family and I loved them (though don't make my mistake of pairing them with a very salty main).
by wcassity about Grilled whole Tokyo turnips from Girl and Her Greens
Perfect way to use up the abundance of eggplants coming from the garden. I just had my husband pop them on the charcoal grill with the fish for dinner. I didn't have time to make the recipe that night so I covered them with plastic wrap and put the cooked eggplants in the refrigerator until the next afternoon. The recipe comes together fast and the flavor has more zip than many hummus recipes. My husband loves it and now I will plan on making a batch whenever it feels like the eggplants are getting too far ahead of me.
by hillsboroks about Baba-ghanoush, charcoal-grill method from Cook's Illustrated Annual Edition 2001
by Baking Bites about Buttercream Dreams   -  full review
If writing a cookbook is your goal, you’ll also want to check out The Joy of Writing a Great Cookbook by Kimberly Yorio...I spoke with Kim about cookbook publishing and here’s what she had to say:
by Cooking with Amy about Joy of Writing a Great Cookbook   -  full review
Tips from the book
by Food52 about Cairo Kitchen   -  full review
by Baking Bites about Jack Daniel's Cookbook   -  full review
by Leite's Culinaria about Milanos from Cookie Love   -  full review
by Baking Bites about Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream   -  full review
... a quick and flavorful dish that we're definitely adding to our entertaining repertoire.
by The Kitchn about Foil-baked feta from Flavour   -  full review
Interview with the author.
by Food52 about Pasta by Hand   -  full review
by Leite's Culinaria about Royal Touch   -  full review
by Leite's Culinaria about Peru: The Cookbook   -  full review
by Leite's Culinaria about Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook   -  full review
by Leite's Culinaria about Well Fed, Flat Broke   -  full review
by Leite's Culinaria about Seven Spoons   -  full review
by Leite's Culinaria about Heritage   -  full review

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