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I have a suggestion for how to make this recipe even better (It's already very good): Start with a couple of ounces of flavoring pork. It pulls all the other ingredients together subtly and deliciously.
by mcvl about Seafood laksa from Forever Summer (USA)
This was delicious--I loved the sauce and the turkey was very good. I used a bone in hotel breast and it cooked a lot faster than the recipe indicated--which means if you use the blsl breast from the recipe it will probably cook even faster. Check at least half way through the cook time.
by swegener about Shredded balsamic barbecued turkey from Great American Slow Cooker Book
This was a nice simple way to prepare greens--I used collards for New Years Day.
by swegener about Hearty greens from Eat Your Vegetables
I made this for a crowd, and so I substituted the jalapeno for milder peppers. I kind of wish I hadn't--many of us ended putting red pepper flakes on top before eating. But the guest of honor can't eat spicy stuff. It was very good anyway, and made a whole bunch!
by swegener about Matt's four-pepper collards from Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen
I made this about a year ago and I have a coworker who will still not eat anything I bring in since. I couldn't taste the tomato, but I guess knowing it was there traumatized her.
by swegener about Mystery cake (tomato soup-spice cake) from American Century Cookbook
A delicious and tasty basic tofu dish - has become my go-to tofu recipe whenever I need something quick.
by Astrid5555 about Grilled or pan-fried marinated tofu from Very Best of Recipes for Health
Nice, but would have liked a more pronounced mustard flavor. Probably needs to be marinated for more than 30 minutes.
by Astrid5555 about Dijon mustard-marinated tempeh from At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen
Real Simple October 2013
by seabelis about Tomato-and-feta stuffed peppers over barley from Real Simple
Use the Jus
by Lnevva about Tender roast beef from The Hungry Hoarder
chop olives very finely
by Lnevva about Prosciutto, tomato, and olive spaghetti from Tartine and Apron Strings
Pg. 208 The pork in this was delicious. Tender, succulent, and very nicely flavoured. I only needed about 5 minutes of cooking for it to get nice and tender after all the ingredients were added. I do think however that they are the star of this dish and that the noodles didn't do much for me in their broth. I would also suggest stir frying, or even sieving over steamed rice (just increase the serving of pork). Also, if I did do the noodles I would cut the sesame back a lot since I found it overpowering in the noodles. To be honest, I am staring to think I don't like sesame oil.
by Delys77 about Soy-glazed pork and mushroom noodles from Hakka Cookbook
Pg. 56. I made this using a regular lemon because I didn't have a preserved lemon. The recipe calls for chopping the peel, I zested it. The recipe called for 'violet olives.' I've never seen that term before, so I used kalamata olives. The recipe says to serve this cold, but I served it warm as a vegetable side. We enjoyed it, but I would like to see what it would be like when served cold.
by Laura about Spinach salad with preserved lemon and olives from Arabesque
Pg. 331. This sauce is sensational! Traunfeld describes it as a version of romesco sauce, substituting hazelnuts for almonds. I made it exactly as written, but did take the shortcut step of using bottled roasted red peppers rather than roasting the peppers myself. I don't think the sauce suffered from it at all. The sauce is a really lovely salmon color and while I made it to accompany the Pork Tenderloin with Mediterranean Herbs recipe, I think it would be better paired with seafood or vegetables.
by Laura about Red pepper and hazelnut sauce from Herbfarm Cookbook
Pg. 222. We really enjoyed this version of pork tenderloin. The herbs formed a really nice crust after being seared. The meat was perfectly cooked in the time designated and it was still really moist. It couldn't have been simpler. I also made the Red Pepper and Hazelnut Sauce that Traunfeld suggested to acccompany the pork. I was a bit skeptical that this sauce would be a good accompaniment to the pork, but made it anyway. The sauce on its own is really pretty and very delicious! It was fine with the pork, but I personally think it would be better partnered with fish. I'll definitely cook pork tenderloin with this recipe again!
by Laura about Pork tenderloin crusted with Mediterranean herbs from Herbfarm Cookbook
Dead easy (my local supermarket has long beans already sorted and cut, bless them) and so delicious. I don't chop the peanuts, just serve them in a little bowl on the table, so they don't get soggy.
by mcvl about Som tam with yard-long beans from Hot Sour Salty Sweet
Alternating bites between the pork and the broccoli was a revelation, warming and cooling the mouth for a balanced meal. The ice cubes seem unnecessary, but don't skip them...
by Serious Eats about Pork in spicy dressing with iced broccoli stems (Mu manao) from Simple Thai Food   -  full review
The is an excellent integrator—each seemingly disparate ingredient in the wrap tasted cohesive when drizzled with the sweet and salty sauce. I would ... recommend rinsing the ginger before serving.
by Serious Eats about Leaf-wrapped salad bites (Miang kham) from Simple Thai Food   -  full review
The finished curry is quite complex when made from scratch, and it clings to the rice noodles with comforting ease.
by Serious Eats about Curry noodles with chicken (Kuai-tiao kaeng sai kai) from Simple Thai Food   -  full review
This recipe is a great way to use hardboiled eggs that you didn't peel perfectly—the frying process will hide any errant pock-marks.
by Serious Eats about Son-in-law eggs (Khai luk khoei) from Simple Thai Food   -  full review
This spicy and tart tomato relish is a great match for rich rib-eye. ... Next time, I'd move the tray of vegetables into the still-warm oven to soften after charring them.
by Serious Eats about Grilled steaks with roasted tomato dipping sauce [Crying tiger] (Suea rong kap jaeo ma-khuea thet) from Simple Thai Food   -  full review
It's about as simple as whipping up a batch of meringue, but the results are far more thrilling. [...] Impressive? Totally. Difficult? Not too much. But delicious and so much fun.
by Serious Eats about Chocolate-filled vanilla marshmallows from Marshmallow Madness!   -  full review
We love the idea of flavoring marshmallows with liqueur, but if you're not feeling like a cocktail you can always sub in peppermint extract and a few dashes of green food coloring...
by Serious Eats about Creme de menthe marshmallows from Marshmallow Madness!   -  full review
By making a syrup of malted milk powder and cocoa, these marshmallows take on a whole lot of Whoppers-esque flavor.
by Serious Eats about Chocolate malt marshmallows from Marshmallow Madness!   -  full review
If you have trepidations about tackling both caramels and marshmallows at one time, you can simplify the recipe by investing in a can of dulce de leche.
by Serious Eats about Sea salt caramel swirl marshmallows from Marshmallow Madness!   -  full review
Mash avocado, mix in horseradish, and shape into quenelles for an elegant side. The avocado is a great vehicle for carrying the bitter root's flavor. Try them alongside grilled shrimp.
by Fine Cooking about Horseradish and avocado quenelles from Bitter   -  full review
An ingenious way to cook fish...start in a cold pan, and then simmer before capers and crème fraîche get added to finish. The result is silky, tender fish and a luxurious, fragrant sauce.
by Fine Cooking about Cod with lemon, tarragon and crème fraîche from Eat   -  full review
How can three ingredients--drumsticks, marmalade, and whole-grain mustard--taste so good? Try it to find out.
by Fine Cooking about Marmalade chicken from Eat   -  full review
Some of Headley’s creations will be difficult for the average baker to pull off, but hey! They’re not all meant for public dispensation, I guess. But they are new, and they are different.
by The Washington Post about Brooks Headley's Fancy Desserts   -  full review
Would I recommend “Prune” to Post readers, in my role as cookbook reviewer? Honestly, I’m torn. I appreciate Hamilton’s genius with simple ingredients. I also appreciate a well-crafted recipe.
by The Washington Post about Prune   -  full review
They have endless ideas for festive meals that will make not just your veggie friends happy, but all your guests! Because why not?...goes way beyond just helping you plan a good menu...
by The Kitchn about Vegetarian Dinner Parties   -  full review

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