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This recipe is absolutely worth the extra work to make it and would impress guests. I was making it for just two of us so cut the recipe in half. I did add a tablespoon of Clear Creek Apple Brandy to the finished sauce which really added to the apple flavor. My husband loved it and I know we will make this again.
by hillsboroks about Pork chops with sauteed apples and cider cream sauce from Gourmet Cookbook
This is a lovely flavored chutney that was easy to make on a rainy afternoon. I canned most of the batch in 4 ounce jars but saved a bit out to serve with goat cheese as an appetizer. It was perfect with the goat cheese on crackers so I am looking forward to setting it out during the holidays with a cheese platter.
by hillsboroks about Grape chutney from Diana Henry at The Sunday Telegraph
This is probably one of the simplest homemade ravioli recipes, but the combination of goat cheese, lemon, and fresh pasta is hard to beat. The pink peppercorns are, I think, what makes it special, so use them if at all possible. I used fresh oregano instead of tarragon, and found that to be a good match. I used a ravioli form to shape the pasta, which leaves a very narrow boarder around the filling. Because of this, about a third of the dough remained after I had used up the filling. Still, the finished ravioli served three adults as a main course with a few leftover. And extra pasta dough isn't a problem - I can use it to make fettuccine tomorrow!
by Rutabaga about Lemon and goat's cheese ravioli from Plenty
We thought this was great - loved the smoked paprika flavor. Used 8 boneless skinless thighs and 2 boneless skinless breasts, cooked for about 1 hour in oven in a cast iron pot. Would definitely make extra and freeze next time. Tastes even better the next day. If you trim some of the fat from the thighs before cooking, you can skip defatting the sauce. Made with Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce from same site.
by aeader about Barbecue shredded chicken from The Kitchn
Used a little extra vinegar, about ½ the salt, ½ the liquid smoke, and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. Recipe is easily doubled (freeze the extra). Excellent on pulled chicken.
by aeader about Basic sweet & tangy BBQ sauce from The Kitchn
This was a fine but not too exciting side dish. I disagree that the raisins and pine nuts don't add anything to the recipe though- I thought the raisins added some depth and complexity and pine nuts a welcome crunch.
by TrishaCP about Spinach with raisins and pine nuts (Espinacas con pasas y piñones - Catalonia) from Food of Spain
Delicious- a perfect match with the wild boar stew from this book. I had pre-cooked chestnuts, and maybe they were drier than fresh, but I had to use significantly more milk than what was called for in order to get an acceptable puree. (Not sure how much, I kept adding while pureeing in the food processor until I got what I wanted.) But once I did- this was amazing!
by TrishaCP about Chestnut puree from Food of Spain
Stew is a misnomer- this is really a braised meat dish with more braising liquid than normal. (In other words, you will want side dishes with this one- it isn't a complete meal on its own.) Still the flavors were lovely- I loved the cinnamon here. The chestnut puree is a perfect match.
by TrishaCP about Wild boar stew with red wine (Estofado de jabalí al vino tinto - Extremadura) from Food of Spain
at erie library
by ABergh about Artisan Bread Machine
I really loved the lime zest here, it was fragrant and definitely awoke the palate. The coconut wasn't discernible. The picture shown also reverses the amount of pudding v. mango, there was a lot of pudding for not so much mango, and the pudding definitely could have been sweeter (3 tablespoons isn't enough, you need at least 1/3 cup for a minimally sweet pudding in my opinion). Still with all that said it definitely has potential and is worth making again with tweaks.
by TrishaCP about Coconut-tapioca pudding with mango and lime from Food & Wine Magazine, May 2013
This dish is really delicious, and that's saying something, since I'm not normally a fan of cauliflower. I've made it a few times over the past 5 years or so. Tonight I made it with only about half the amount of cauliflower called for. I made the full amount of the dressing and saved half of it to use on other roasted vegetables.
by Laura about Roasted curried cauliflower from Epicurious
Pg. 583. This was very good! A lot of prep involved with all the chopping, but after that, everything came together very quickly. I used a Savoy cabbage because I didn't have a Napa. Otherwise, followed the directions as written. I cooked the cabbage just until crisp-tender, so it was still very much intact and recognizable. I'd make this again anytime.
by Laura about Sweet-and-sour Napa cabbage from Gourmet Today
Not a lot of pumpkin flavor
by MiChal.626 about Pumpkin waffles from Simply Recipes
I used Greek yogurt for this recipe, and found that I needed to add several additional tablespoons. Because of its thickness, using 3/4 of a cup of yogurt left me with a dough that was too dry, and I had only a scant 1/3 cup milk on hand, just enough to meet the needs of the recipe. After adding the additional yogurt, I had a fairly stiff dough, so rolled it into balls. The biscuits were light and tender, fluffy rather than flaky. The dill and cheddar combination would make them a good base for savory breakfast sandwiches, although I would keep them small, as they are somewhat delicate.
by Rutabaga about Cheddar dill biscuits from Gourmet Magazine, April 2005
Making pesto in the mortar is fun, if a bit more laborious. I wouldn't say it's difficult, although my basil didn't break down into as fine a paste as you get with a blender. The smell of fresh pesto being pounded is incredible, even though my basil was sadly near wilting, with a lot of large, tougher leaves. When made with fresh, small leaves, it would be amazing. The addition of butter was not something with which I was familiar, but it gave the pesto a sweet creaminess that coated the pasta nicely.
by Rutabaga about Pesto by mortar from Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking
They have endless ideas for festive meals that will make not just your veggie friends happy, but all your guests! Because why not?...goes way beyond just helping you plan a good menu...
by The Kitchn about Vegetarian Dinner Parties   -  full review
...it revealed itself to be a treasure both for experienced bakers and novices alike. Beranbaum gladly takes the reader by the hand with an introduction that includes “golden rules” for baking...
by Saveur.com about Baking Bible   -  full review
There are a lot of Italian cookbooks out there, but I can’t imagine a more comprehensive, user-friendly one than this exquisite tome...
by Saveur.com about Italian Cooking   -  full review
Galimberti's documentation of their homes, kitchens, and dishes weaves an anthropological tale of how food creates identity and connects emotion across diverse cultures.
by Saveur.com about In Her Kitchen   -  full review
When I found Persiana: Recipes from the Middle East & Beyond, I was immediately transported back to Iran and that trip. The recipes are enchanting and the photographs inspiring.
by Saveur.com about Persiana   -  full review
Barrow has set out to present “putting up” not as a hobby, but as a smart way to supply yourself year-round with better ingredients—from pickles, ketchup, and jams to homemade stock, canned beans...
by Saveur.com about Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Practical Pantry   -  full review
Still, the real genius of this recipe is that it's both incredibly easy to prepare and is made completely in advance. In fact, if well wrapped, you can freeze this beauty for a full month.
by Tasting Table about Marquise au chocolat from Baking Chez Moi   -  full review
The resulting pastry delivers a pure and satisfying apple experience; it's also delicately textured, generously buttery and slightly boozy. You could skip the Armagnac, but I wouldn't.
by Tasting Table about Petite apple croustades from Baking Chez Moi   -  full review
Don't even think about straying from her step-by-step instructions, which deliver the most perfectly crumbly and tender cookies you can imagine. Vanilla beans are expensive, but...they're worth it
by Tasting Table about Vanilla-bean sablés from Baking Chez Moi   -  full review
The recipes can seem long, but that's only because they're so thorough. It's also because Greenspan's style has more in common with prose than standard—some might say robotic—recipe language.
by Tasting Table about Baking Chez Moi   -  full review
...intoxicating to thumb through, with tempting titles and ravishing photos. Ottolenghi's recipes take into consideration the visual results just as much as the flavors...
by The Kitchn about Plenty More   -  full review
Greenspan has a knack for recipes with stories and description that make them immediately compelling...the kind of recipes you can turn to anytime, for guests or just because you feel like baking.
by The Seattle Times about Baking Chez Moi   -  full review
The topping of this tart has enough crunch, color and flavor to be a headliner, but it's not: The pears, caramelized in butter and sugar and flamed with brandy, more than hold their own.
by The Washington Post about Pear tart with crunchy almond topping from Baking Chez Moi   -  full review
This simple version calls for nothing more than a dusting of confectioners' sugar and a filling of sweetened whipped cream, and you can pull the whole thing together in under an hour.
by The Washington Post about Bubble eclairs from Baking Chez Moi   -  full review
They are very brittle, and the sweet jam is very soft, so when you bite into them, there’s always a little ooze and a lot of crackle.
by The Washington Post about Pailles from Baking Chez Moi   -  full review

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