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April 17 2014, 0 Comments

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Cookbook giveaway - Egg

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Michael Ruhlman extolls the virtues of the egg

April 14 2014, 0 Comments

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I don't often take the time to make a real vinaigrette, but last night I did, and we really enjoyed this. I made it with the mustard and garlic, but without the anchovy. It was very tasty. I think the anchovy variation would be great on bitter spring greens like dandelion.
by westminstr about Whatever greens you've got salad with mustard and garlic vinaigrette from Cook This Now
Delicious. I did substitute hot Italian sausage - the recipe calls for sweet Italian sausage- the slight heat of the sausage worked really well with the creaminess of the ricotta.. And it really was a 30 minute meal. Great weeknight meal.
by Lindalib about Ricotta pasta with sausage from Rachael Ray 365 No Repeats
Wonderful for dinner, especially if topped with some smoked salmon and accompanied by a simple salad. For a 10-in pan, I would use only 1.5 lbs potatoes and 5 eggs, though.
by emiliang about Tortilla Española from Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook
Why is there no actual recipe and only a list of ingredients. That is just boarder line retarded. What is the point of this website if you can't get the recipe, which is the only thing people want.
by sarabursey about Vegetable coulibiac with redcurrant sauce from Waitrose Kitchen Magazine, January 2014
This is my favorite stew recipe. I wasn't sure it would be good at first, but I made it because I had all the ingredients on hand. It isn't very photogenic, but it is delicious. I like Trader Joe's frozen sweet corn for this, but fresh corn is traditional for the Chilean dish it's a variation of, porotos granados.
by macfadden about Chilean bean stew from Moosewood Restaurant New Classics
Had to go through book and put in page numbers myself. The page numbers were actually printed but so well camouflaged that I found it quicker to do that , than to be frustrated each time I used the index.
by Cati about I Quit Sugar
Use Mary Enig's oil blend (equal parts EV olive oil, untoasted sesame oil, EV coconut oil) in place of olive oil. Double the garlic. Use aseptic-packaged mushroom broth as "low-sodium vegetable broth". Is "cumin" really "cumin powder"? I crushed some cumin seeds and called it good. Don't make the texture too smooth. The result has a distinct cauliflower flavor accented by the sweetness of the onion. The "curry" aspect is in the background.
by mcvl about Creamy curried cauliflower soup from The Kitchn
My book is 1946 edition
by freckles about American Woman's Cook Book
Fantastic! Sorry I've never made this in my life. I like fideo cooked like this much better than paella. There are about 4 separate steps but once those things are all prepped, cooking part comes through very quickly. The taste shouts Spain in every which way. The noodles still remain crunchy on top from being fried first but the interior of the pan is softer, but not soft like most noodle dish. Lots of smoky taste from Spanish chorizo, smoked paprika, saffron and sofrito. I used shrimp and asparagus in place of mussels and parsley. I will certainly be making this again. Great dish to serve when you have company over because so much of this dish can be prepped ahead of time. Great served with chilled dry white wine.
by Rinshin about Fideos rossejat rápida from Fine Cooking Magazine, Feb/Mar 2014
I am seriously impressed with this recipe. This may be the only chocolate chip/chunk cookie recipe I have ever made that stayed chewy days after baking without re-warming them in the microwave. Make sure you follow the directions regarding chilling and shaping the dough balls -- I'm convinced this is what made the difference. These were also some of the nicest looking chocolate chip cookies I've made since following those directions kept them from over-spreading. Oddly enough, I did think they could use a little extra salt -- but that could be because we've been on a big salty-sweet kick lately or that I used kosher salt which is not necessarily the recommended type for baking.
by Christine about Chewy chocolate chunk cookies from Sally's Baking Addiction
author G
by mcvl about Good Things
by mcvl about Classical Turkish Cooking
We LOVED this. I used ground pork, long beans, and Thai basil. Also sweet soy instead of black soy, omitting the additional sugar. To make for a family of four, first, I batch cooked the eggs in a cast-iron skillet. Then in the wok I made a single portion for the kids with no chiles followed by a double batch for the adults using 4 fresh and 1 dried crumbled chile. Next time I will add one chopped fresh red chile in the kids' portion and 1 additional fresh and dried chile to the adult portion.
by westminstr about Stir-fried chicken with hot basil (Kai kaphrao khai dao) from Pok Pok
Pg. 281 Very tasty meatless meal with a salad and some nice bread. She has you salt the onions, which take about 35 minutes, and then the tomatoes, plus there is parm so don't be too heavy handed with the salting. That said, the onions are rich and luscious and the tomatoes meld into the dish beautifully. I cooked in a buttered pie plate for about 10 minutes on convection at 350 and about 5 minute without convection and it was perfectly done.
by Delys77 about Frittata with tomato, onion, and basil from Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking
Q & A with author Laura Russell
by Food52 about Brassicas   -  full review
Q & A with author Peter Miller
by Food52 about Lunch at the Shop   -  full review
The book seamlessly weaves together history, recipes, hand-written notes, and liberal quotes from the characters involved for a unique literary and culinary feast.
by Saveur.com about Bloomsbury Cookbook   -  full review
... an especially personal work, with eclectic recipes unified by Lebovitz’s musings on the pleasures and quirks of living, cooking, and eating in Paris...an irresistible invitation to keep cooking.
by Saveur.com about My Paris Kitchen   -  full review
...part history, part geography, part cookbook, and part travel memoir. The reader follows Nabhan on his travels...as he seeks to understand the “original” globalisation: the spice trade.
by Saveur.com about Cumin, Camels, and Caravans   -  full review
...a comprehensive visual glossary of fresh and dried chiles including seasonal availability, tasting notes, and the often bewildering Scoville heat units (SHUs)...
by Saveur.com about Melissa's the Great Pepper Cookbook   -  full review
...may be a bit ambitious, but it’s carefully crafted and peppered with rich stories to accompany each recipe. This is exactly the cookbook I’ll page though when I’m looking to truly impress.
by Saveur.com about Marc Forgione Cookbook   -  full review
While the recipe themes may be familiar, Hay's instructions are unmatched in their simplicity, and she has great suggestions for creating lighter versions of standbys.
by Saveur.com about Fresh and Light   -  full review
In addition to all of The Nourished Kitchen’s enticing recipes, I’m a big fan of the book’s type, design, and comforting paperback heft. This one’s a keeper—I’m even thinking about buying Mom a copy.
by Saveur.com about Nourished Kitchen   -  full review
The celery is really great. Note the deep red of the oils and the sprinkling of fried chili and sichuan peppercorns. A fantastic dish.
by Stevie Holland Meals about Boiled beef slices in a fiery sauce (Shui shu niu rou) from Sichuan Cookery   -  full review
It's noodles with pork mince - think of it as a Chinese Spag bog and you are not far wrong.
by Stevie Holland Meals about Traditional dan dan noodles (Dan dan mian) from Sichuan Cookery   -  full review
This extremely authentic Sichuan 'snack' is a right faff to make, but the results are absolutely amazing. Every time I make it - (I never do enough) the meat tends to disappear.
by Stevie Holland Meals about Hot-and-numbing dried beef (Ma la niu rou gan) from Sichuan Cookery   -  full review
...you get the history of the strangely named dish....fantastic.
by Stevie Holland Meals about Fish-fragrant pork slivers (Yu xiang rou si) from Sichuan Cookery   -  full review
...possibly my favourite Chinese dish...A heady mix of chilli bean paste (Douban jiang), sugar, garlic, soy, shaoxing rice wine and so on. Doesn't taste fishy - but in my mind tastes amazing.
by Stevie Holland Meals about Fish-fragrant aubergines (Yu xiang qie zi) from Sichuan Cookery   -  full review
There was definitely some crackling - but I think the main problem was the sauce had become too thick with the addition of the corn flour...overall - a fun nice dish and another success from Fuchsia.
by Stevie Holland Meals about Pork in lychee sauce with crispy rice (Guo ba rou pian) from Sichuan Cookery   -  full review

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