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I used full fat yoghurt. It was perfect
by bwehner about Nonfat potato salad from Home Cheese Making
Since it's been perhaps 3 years since we last barbecued ribs, decided to try Harold McGee’s recipe, originally in New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/30/dining/30curious.html?_r=0) & here. Mixed results: THE RUB—his spice rub was appealing as, unlike so many, it isn’t highly salty. But it is sugary sweet, otherwise added little. Per Smitten Kitchen advice, I cut sugar, by 25%. Also added coriander. Next time I'd use another rub. THE TECHNIQUE worked well. Seems that when I dropped temperature after 4 hours, oven wasn't cooperating for the last 2 hours, so with 7 hungry people waiting, baked 7th hour @ 300°F, probably a bit too long or high. THE GRILL—final charring on the grill (with hickory smoke) made them terrific, wouldn't skip it. THE SAUCE—his too sweet sauce we supplemented with a family favorite recipe. THE CUT—we bought baby loin ribs, not spareribs, worked fine. Everyone said they were delicious, few leftovers.
by zorra about Sweet and smoky oven spareribs from Smitten Kitchen
Only tried pancakes 6/10 .. Have had better ( eg Nigella Express)
by KIGirl about One-cup pancakes, tropical yoghurt, and mango from Jamie's Ministry of Food
I substituted alternate biscuits ( butternut snaps/cookies)
by KIGirl about Pear and ginger tart from Delicious: 5 of the Best
Only tried the prawns 7/10
by KIGirl about Cucumber soup with garlic prawns from Delicious: 5 of the Best
This is sooo good I ate it for breakfast !
by KIGirl about Raspberry ripple ice cream from Forever Summer (UK)
For my first taste of gin - this is a thoroughly refreshing drink
by KIGirl about Tom Collins from Forever Summer (UK)
Most of the time I agree with Nigella's commentary ... But on this occasion I am afraid it didn't work for me 5/10
by KIGirl about The Rainbow Room's carrot and peanut salad from Forever Summer (UK)
OMG ! But is it ice cream :-)
by KIGirl about Baci ice cream from Forever Summer (UK)
...75 versatile and delicious recipes using natural ingredients, approachable techniques and some full-fat cream here and there. Consider The Messy Baker the Jennifer Lawrence of cookbooks.
by Eat North about Messy Baker   -  full review
...celebrates the exuberance that can come from being in the kitchen, making a mess and pulling perhaps slightly misshapen baked goods...that taste just as fantastic as those ready for their close-up.
by Calgary Herald about Messy Baker   -  full review
“Messy” in this sense refers to the layer of caramel sauce hidden under these soft, doughy cinnamon rolls as they bake...You’ll be scraping the pan clean to get every drop of deep, rich caramel.
by Good Food Stories about Burnt caramel and sea salt sticky buns from Messy Baker   -  full review
...a gorgeous yet accessible cookbook that manages to inspire both beginning bakers and old pros looking for a new challenge. Grab lots of napkins before you begin...
by Good Food Stories about Messy Baker   -  full review
...not afraid of having a little fun in the kitchen and making a holy mess while she’s at it. I suspect it’s not all fun and games in her kitchen though, because her recipes are spot on...
by Cookbooks 365 about Messy Baker   -  full review
As appealing as the mouthwatering recipes are, the friendly tips on almost every page are the real gems...Close-up photos of in-progress or finished recipes will boost a reader's enthusiasm...
by Shelf Awareness about Messy Baker   -  full review
A celebration of real baking in all its messy, boisterous, delicious glory. That pretty much sums up the joy of baking, don’t you think?
by Rolling Spoon about Messy Baker   -  full review
...a cookbook that will serve you well whether you have a midnight craving or a last-minute bake sale emergency. Don't sweat the details or how well it will Instagram — just bake something tasty.
by The Kitchn about Messy Baker   -  full review
Charmian’s voice is warm and friendly and for someone like me, who is not a confident baker, she provides great tips on what to do when disaster strikes!
by Monica Bhide.com about Messy Baker   -  full review
There's a feeling of whimsy and joy in this book that makes baking bread feel like something fun to do on a Saturday rather than something to be done perfectly.
by The Kitchn about Josey Baker Bread   -  full review
It’s the kind of bread that I like. Packed with nuts and seeds, and good spread with a swipe of butter or nut paste, it’s hard not to love this bread.
by David Lebovitz about Adventure bread from Josey Baker Bread   -  full review
...rather than just a book filled with recipes, Josey Baker Bread coaxes you into the process, starting you off with a very simple bread that calls for yeast...“Your First Loaf of Bread”...
by David Lebovitz about Josey Baker Bread   -  full review
It’s designed for a beginning baker but more-experienced hands can also profit from his approach, which produces more deeply flavored loaves. The chilling calls for patience...
by The New York Times about Josey Baker Bread   -  full review
Christie doesn’t go rogue when it comes to quality output...but her refreshing approach is apparent from the beginning...Christie’s approach to baking is fun and insightful.
by Publishers Weekly about Messy Baker   -  full review
With a combination of simple and complex dishes that make the book both accessible for novices and exciting for the seasoned cook, Tannenbaum and Tutunjian prove that nuts can transcend the bar snack.
by Saveur.com about In a Nutshell   -  full review

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