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When the chef takes your favorite item off the menu

May 29 2016, 0 Comments

Sometimes chefs will prepare a classic for customers who ask or create a new recipe that doesn’t feel too different... read more

Featured Cookbooks & Recipes

May 28 2016, 0 Comments

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Take your ice cream sandwich game to the next level

May 28 2016, 1 Comment

Pastry chefs are putting gourmet spins on the classic kid's treat to make it more sophisticated for adult palates... read more

Recipe excerpts from Clean Cakes by Henrietta Inman

May 26 2016, 1 Comment

View two stunning recipes from the new cookbook ... read more

Cookbook giveaway - Clean Cakes

May 26 2016, 25 Comments

Enter our worldwide contest for your chance to win a copy of the new cookbook by Henrietta Inman... read more

Sharing the flavours of her childhood

May 26 2016, 1 Comment

Lawyer-turned-cookery teacher Sumayya Usmani's new cookbook explores the food of her childhood in Pakistan... read more

The science and art of recipe testing

Noelle Carter explores the intricacies and importance of thorough testing... more

Sneak peek at Dorie Greenspan's new cookie book

You can find a few recipes now from Dorie's Cookies, which debuts in October... more

2016 James Beard Cookbook Award winners

See which authors triumphed this year... more

Latest Notes

This is an amazing salad with unique and yummy textures and tastes. The glory bowl dressing is an emulsion made with nutritional yeast as the dominant flavour. It's so good I drizzle it on soba noodles.
by Frogcake about Crispy panko tofu on baby spinach leaves with glory bowl dressing from Whitewater Cooks with Friends
Delicious, simple way to prepare scallops. Nice flavor that still allows the sweetness of the scallops to shine.
by KZielke about Scallops with tamarind (Ambli wara scallops) from Made in India, Cooked in Britain
A quick cornbread. It was nice and moist. I omitted the corn.
by stef about Cornbread from Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook
I've made this fabulous dish as written. The second time I omitted the cumin and added sautéed Fiddleheads and ramps. The combination of flavours is unique due to the grated lime rind and chillies. I will be making this again!
by Frogcake about Quinoa with lime, chilli, coriander and rajas from Food from Plenty
Much like the other reviewer I thought this recipe needed more flavour. I doubled the fish sauce, lime juice, and tripled the curry paste and it was quite good after that. I cooked on low for 4 hours and 45 minutes and that was just right for our cooker. Also went with Snap peas which I microwaved for about about 12 minutes. Would definitely repeat as once it is jazzed up it is quite good.
by Delys77 about Spicy Thai-style chicken stew from Slow Cooker Revolution
I loved these. The flavor was great and the texture was, too.
by macfadden about Buckwheat pancakes from King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking
Loved this new way of incorporating mozzarella into pasta. (Blending with the butter and herbs to make a paste.) She says to use a small handful of sage. With no idea what that meant I went with about 5 or 6 large leaves. Next time I will double this. My lemon was very juicy so I used a little more than half and zest from only half. This was plenty. Finally, although she doesn't say to, I reserved a little pasta cooking water to moisten the pasta and was glad I did.
by Yildiz100 about Pasta with pumpkin, sage, and mozzarella (Pasta con zucca, salvia, e mozzarella) from Ursula Ferrigno's Trattoria
Enjoyed this tasty and easy dish. Beautiful on a platter. Good combination of flavours and textures.
by ncollyer about Cumin-roasted eggplant wedges with pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, pomegranate & yogurt dressing from Sirocco
I didn't have currants so I used raisins. I used mixed nuts instead of pine nuts. Delicious!
by gquillen about Lamb meatballs with yogurt sauce from Food52
For such a simple meal, this was really outstanding. The freshest seafood is paramount here, since it is only treated with salt, pepper, and olive oil. (It is served with lemon wedges on the side.) You can use any seafood, so we chose a whole bass and squid (threaded on skewers). My red onions are huge, so I only needed half the amount required. Will definitely be repeating this one.
by TrishaCP about Seafood mixed grill in the style of Essaouira from Barbecue! Bible
This is a great shortcake recipe. The zest really does add a nice lightness to it as the recipe notes specify. I didn't bother with melting butter to get the sugar to adhere. Instead, I just used a bit of extra cream, which worked well but maybe didn't let the tops brown as much as intended. (I would still probably do the same next time though.) We used more berries than specified.
by TrishaCP about Strawberry shortcake from Rustic Fruit Desserts
I made this with macadamia oil. Very mild, needed more acidity - lemon juice or vinegar.
by AliciaWarren about Easy mayonnaise from
Really, really tasty.. I liked his head note, which is why I tried it. Would definitely do again. And I think it does need the butter!!
by debkellie about Lemon and curry leaf rice from Plenty More
We liked this dish: the balance of flavours was great (served with the suggested side). Yes, method was strange.. but my Kent pumpkin needed longer (even with the stock!). Recommended.
by debkellie about Squash with cardamom and nigella seeds from Plenty More
Extremely simple, very nice. I used whipping cream (no double cream here in the Netherlands) and it worked fine.
by wester about Chocolate ganache from Nigella Bites

Latest Reviews

...the recipes are easy to follow and range from simple flavors that you might expect to find in a pastry to more exotic ones...
by Baking Bites about Modern Eclairs   -  full review
The designed to teach you how to make breads easily, by hand in your own kitchen. It will walk you through the process from start to finish and is packed with great techniques and tips...
by Baking Bites about One Dough, Ten Breads   -  full review
I hate to be the one to point them out. But my experience cooking a dozen recipes...has, unfortunately, been one of identifying and lamenting so many errors that it seems necessary to warn others.
by Food52 about Heartland   -  full review
Know someone with a food allergy?? This book will change their life. And speaking from experience, I can promise you that each and every recipe is FREAKING incredible.
by What's Gaby Cooking about Pure Delicious   -  full review
Author discusses 10 of the myths from his book regarding barbecue and grilling.
by Food52 about Meathead   -  full review
The former Bake Off contestant works the styles and flavours of her Indian homeland into an accessible book of baking recipes...saffron, tamarind and fenugreek also star.
by Maison Cupcake about Cardamom Trail   -  full review
...presents a collection of both savoury and sweet, classics, re-discoveries and the writer’s own re-inventions...Dramatic food photography is inspired by the Flemish Renaissance paintings...
by Maison Cupcake about Pride and Pudding   -  full review
When Paul Hollywood isn’t judging cakes in a Bake Off tent, he’s been travelling the world on city breaks...Here he presents his own spin on international baking favourites from his travels.
by Maison Cupcake about Weekend Baker   -  full review
The chiffon cake is not well known in the UK but its fat free low sugar sponge is also a versatile medium for creative baking. From the Japanese flavoured baking blog Loving Creations 4 U.
by Maison Cupcake about Creative Baking   -  full review
Eric Lanlard presents a French spin on the English tradition of afternoon tea packed with choux, macarons and patisserie. There’s a strong emphasis on the TEA part as well...
by Maison Cupcake about Eric Lanlard's Afternoon Tea   -  full review
Livia’s Kitchen features alternative ingredients to standard flours and sweeteners...If you’re following a low FODMAP diet, as the writer has done, this could be the book for you.
by Maison Cupcake about Livia's Kitchen   -  full review
The recipes are clearly written and easy to follow...The basic technique is similar for most of the recipes, so once you have made a couple of batches, the rest should be even easier to master.
by Baking Bites about Madeleines   -  full review
Best Cookbooks of 2009
by Chicago Tribune about Gourmet Today   -  full review
Best 2009 cookbooks: of the things Gourmet did best can be found in what turns out to be the magazine's valedictory cookbook: weeknight dishes with an international flair.
by NPR about Gourmet Today   -  full review
...clearly written, beautifully photographed, and features a number of recipes that will have both new canners and seasoned preservers leaping up to gather produce and pull out their cookware.
by Food in Jars about Foolproof Preserving   -  full review