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Great flavor but the 325 F oven temperature called for did not produce the nice brown outer crust even with extra time in the oven. After looking at recipes from three other books it looks like the temperature should be 350F. The low temperature and low browning also made the cake stick in the pan which was a nonstick pan.
by hillsboroks about Angel food cake from Science of Good Cooking
This is a great recipe really tasty and no unusual ingredients. You need to marinate the chicken first which I did in the morning. The pilaf and raita were good accompaniments. Definately will make again.
by RosieB about Butter chicken, raita & pilaf from Ripe Recipes
VG. I would increase the quantity of rice to 200g for 4 and scale up the other risotto ingredients accordingly. Serve with grilled crispy pancetta.
by Rollasons about Grilled fillets of sea bass with herb risotto, roasted cherry tomatoes and pesto from Great British Chefs - Chef Recipes
Pretty good! I used it to disguise some indifferent peaches, adding plums to them. I felt there was a little too much topping -- I ended up not using quite all of it because I was worried it would be stodgy.
by veronicafrance about Mixed fruit cobbler from Delia Smith's Summer Collection
Excellent flavor and easy to make, though I did tweak it a bit. I love tart cranberries, so I thought orange juice, brown sugar, and honey would be too much sweetness. This time I used just 1 Tbsp of honey as the sweetener, but would like to try it sometime with just orange juice. I had no need for this dressing to be fat-free, so I used 2 Tbsp of olive oil in place of the orange juice to thin the dressing out. Be careful not to let the cranberry mixture reduce too much or the dressing will be very thick -- at first I was afraid using so much water would make it too thin, but I definitely overcompensated. The shallot is a lovely flavor here, but probably could be left out if you don't have any available.
by Christine about Cranberry vinaigrette from Golden Door Cooks at Home
I really like the flavor of this. If you shred the zucchini coarsely and combine it with the sauce, it makes a delicious filling for omelets and crepes.
by StaceyR about Shredded zucchini with yogurt sauce from Savory Way
Very chocolatey and moist with just a hint of spice, these were delicious without the frosting. The flavour improved the next day and the texture didn't suffer. I'll definitely make these again. The recipe made 23 regular sized cupcakes with a baking time of 20 minutes.
by Zosia about Chocolate zucchini cupcakes from Rebar
I used sweet chili sauce from Trader Joe's. It's not very important. It was very tasty and relatively easy, but frying marinated tofu makes a lot of mess. Maybe I'll try baking the tofu next time.
by cilantrolime about Brussels sprouts and tofu from Plenty
Tastes better than it looks !
by KIGirl about Curley pasta with feta, spinach, and pine nuts from Nigella Kitchen
Pg. 132. This was a marvelous way to cook lots of fresh summer produce from the farmers market. It was absolutely delicious, although a bit of a pain to make -- it was quite labor intensive. The red pepper oil I made using a food mill rather than a juicer to 'juice' the pepper and that worked well. The pepper oil added a nice sweet and hot accent to the dish. This is certainly a very special preparation that I will probably reserve in the future for special occasions.
by Laura about Roast vegetables with red pepper oil from Simple to Spectacular
Made this recipe as written and really did not find it enjoyable. The salsa was really lacking in much flavor and I'm not sure it complimented the swordfish very well -- would be better paired with pork, I think. I wouldn't make this again. The next time I want to make a nectarine condiment I'll go back to this one: http://www.eatyourbooks.com/library/recipes/298672/grilled-chicken-paillards-with-nectarine. I made that recipe recently and the nectarine chutney was really delicious.
by Laura about Grilled swordfish with nectarine-onion salsa from MarthaStewart.com
Loved this! Easy to make, ingredients we had on had. Was feeling lazy and just used dried herbs instead of buying fresh and it was still great.
by DolphinSquirrel about Garlic-bacon pot roast from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, March 2014
Fresh calamansi (small green citrus fruit common in the Philippines) is better than using bottled lime juice, if you can get it. Annatto/astuete is used as natural food colouring and for its mild taste. To make annatto oil, warm vegetable oil and simmer achuete / annatto seeds for a minute. Turn off heat and soak seeds for an hour. Remove seeds and use oil. A quick alternative is a 1/4 tsp of paprika.
by ozshutterbug about How to make grilled chicken inasal from Jun-Blog
I make some variation of this frequently- more an idea to build on than a strict recipe. Sometimes I make the Parmesan Rice crust (if I have left over rice) or use a pre-made crust, or a pat-in crust... and any kind of cheese that is lying around- it really lends itself to veggies and greens you have on hand. Sometimes I put a schmear of pesto on the crust first. Just make sure you drain the sautéed veggies/greens very well so it's not soggy.
by Barb_N about Garden vegetable pie from Diet for a Small Planet
I have made this on a regular basis since college (in the 70's) when I was doing molecular research using spinach and didn't want to throw the rest away. I then made it so my small kids would eat their greens, nicknaming it "Spinach Num Nums"- hey it actually worked! A simple tasty recipe that can be a vegetarian main or a side- I'm sure it could be tarted up with herbs but I never felt the need.
by Barb_N about Greek cheese and spinach wedges from Diet for a Small Planet
Christie doesn’t go rogue when it comes to quality output...but her refreshing approach is apparent from the beginning...Christie’s approach to baking is fun and insightful.
by Publishers Weekly about Messy Baker   -  full review
With a combination of simple and complex dishes that make the book both accessible for novices and exciting for the seasoned cook, Tannenbaum and Tutunjian prove that nuts can transcend the bar snack.
by Saveur.com about In a Nutshell   -  full review
...there are plenty of Leon favorites, such as the Moroccan harira, a hearty bean and vegetable stew, there are also a number of new recipes from the people who helped make the restaurant a success.
by Saveur.com about Leon   -  full review
Christie's warm personality shines, encouraging the controlled chaos that produces the lopsided pies and uneven cookies I have always adored. So get messy—it's the first step to...something delicious.
by Saveur.com about Messy Baker   -  full review
...book isn't so much about the meal itself, but rather uses the idea of brunch as a vehicle to talk about leisure time, performance, and status as it pertains to the so-called "creative class,"...
by Saveur.com about Trouble with Brunch   -  full review
Truly an engaging and important examination of food and humanity, Gilbert's book is humbling, poignant, revealing, and just plain interesting.
by Saveur.com about Culinary Imagination   -  full review
Erin's food happens to be gluten-free, but because her focus shines so brightly on everything else, those of us who can eat gluten pay its absence no mind.
by 5 second rule about Yummy Supper   -  full review
Q & A with author Gabrielle Langholtz
by Food52 about New Greenmarket Cookbook   -  full review
I did encounter a few of my editorial peccadilloes... But the recipes worked, and the flavors wowed me. Not once in this week of testing was I left hungry or wishing for meat or cheese...
by Serious Eats about Salad Samurai   -  full review
Slippery noodles, creamy beans, crunchy walnuts, and perfectly evocative flavor combinations. Delicious.
by Serious Eats about Polish summer soba salad from Salad Samurai   -  full review
Q & A with author Marcus Samuelsson
by Food52 about Marcus Off Duty   -  full review
The sweet-and-savory wine and cider braising sauce was wonderfully warming and an excellent pair to the beef. I also appreciated the simplicity of the accompanying vegetables...
by Serious Eats about Fall brisket: cider and butternut squash from Artisan Jewish Deli at Home   -  full review
The horseradish does wonders for lightening up the creamy salad—don't skip it.
by Serious Eats about Classic chicken salad from Artisan Jewish Deli at Home   -  full review
I liked that the recipe wasn't terribly neurotic, but it still gave me great, crisp latkes.
by Serious Eats about Crispy potato latkes with chunky ginger applesauce from Artisan Jewish Deli at Home   -  full review
As written, the hollandaise is very thick. I needed to add a few tablespoons of water to make it into a spoonable sauce.
by Serious Eats about Pastrami Benedict from Artisan Jewish Deli at Home   -  full review

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