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MAPLE PUMPKIN CHILI - p. 262 – A tasty chili that made for a nice change of pace from our T&T version. A great way to use up pumpkin puree and the squash is indiscernible in the final dish other than adding texture. I upped the chili powder. 2 tbsp maple syrup does not make this a maple chili however the touch of sweetness balances out the flavours nicely.
by Breadcrumbs about Brown Eggs and Jam Jars
Very quick and easy to make. Unfortunately the flavours did not quite do it for me :(
by KIGirl about Goan prawn curry from Curry Easy
I made this into a full meal by tossing with some whole wheat pasta. I tasted it before adding the lemon and thought the recipe tasted good without it, but it really was much better with the lemon -- it was the perfect finishing touch to bring all the other flavors together. I didn't blanch my green beans as directed before roasting because I was using a batch from my CSA I froze over the summer that I had already blanched before freezing. I ran them under some warm water to defrost and proceeded with the recipe mostly as directed. I did use dried thyme (1/2 tsp) instead of fresh and didn't toast the walnuts before mixing them with the other ingredients to roast -- I felt they would burn if they were cooked twice and I think they came out perfectly just getting roasted.
by Christine about Tender roasted green beans with walnuts and feta from Bountiful
Made this as crust for Spicy Pork Buns (p.88). Super easy dough with good flavor. The recipe makes enough for 16 pork buns, so if you only want 4 pork buns, you can make only 1/4 of the recipe. I made the full batch and put the risen, unused dough in refrigerator and will use for loaves of bread. I used medium grind corn meal, with is okay, but I think it might be better with a finer grind to eliminate grittiness. Next time!
by tasteslike about Portuguese corn bread from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day
Excellent way to use leftover pork roast. The yeast dough with cornmeal made a sturdy, chewy, delicious crust that doesn't get soggy (I ate leftover bun cold for lunch the next day & crust was still great). I made with a combination of ground chilies (2 tsp. ground chipotle, 1 Tbsp. ground ancho, 1 Tbsp. commercial chile powder); the filling was spicy but not overwhelming. Serve with hot sauce, so people can make it hotter if they like. I didn't measure how much pork I had, but it was probably more like 2 cups (rater than 1-1.5 called for in recipe). The sauce to filling ratio was just right, though it made enough filling for 8 large buns (vs. the recipe's 4). The recipe calls for thickening the sauce with cornstarch. This was completely unnecessary. I quadrupled the amount of cilantro, adding about 2 Tbsp. chopped (not minced) cilantro to each roll. Roll out and bake rolls on 8" squares of parchment to make getting in and out of oven easier.
by tasteslike about Spicy pork buns from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day
http://sallyservesitup.tumblr.com/post/32124674996/polpo-basic-tomato-sauce NB: error appears second to last full sentence.
by Gio about Basic tomato sauce from Polpo
A very good combination of flavors. Take care to add enough salt.
by wester about Orange salad from Michael Symon's Carnivore
As the others said, it's ok. All the flavour comes from the bacon though, so the dish needs a good quality one and lots of it.
by kateastoria about Cauliflower-bacon gratin from Around My French Table
From Real Simple March 2002
by seabelis about Pork sandwiches with coleslaw from Real Simple
Nice. Better left over than straight from the oven.
by mcvl about Potato moussaka from Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book
Yes, yes, yes. Made multiple times with all different beers and fish varieties. The coleslaw is simple but a perfect compliment, and the chipotle tartar sauce spins it into its own dimension. We halve the tartar sauce and use 12 oz of fish. This makes a feast for two with only some coleslaw leftover. No rice, beans, salsa, guac needed. The tartar sauce and coleslaw can be made some hours ahead, and the fish is so easy that there's no excuse not to make homemade tortillas. (When you're done, wipe out the cast iron and use it to fry the fish. Dinner's ready and you're a goddess.)
by louie734 about Baja fish tacos from Sunset Cookbook
Super good vegan dinner. I've made it with homemade dough/hummus and also with store-bought ingredients. Great way to elevate hummus and pita into something worthy of calling supper.
by louie734 about Eggplant and spicy hummus flatbread from Serve Yourself
Is this recipe different than all other corn tortilla recipes? NO. But his are the instructions that I follow every time. Something about the accessible writing and the small batch size.
by louie734 about Homemade corn tortillas from Serve Yourself
I like this tahini dressing, and have made it twice now to drizzle over flatbreads spread with hummus with zataar roasted eggplant slices piled on top. Some pickled onions for color and crunch and you're set.
by louie734 about Lemon-tahini dressing from Moosewood Restaurant Favorites
Not that it will necessarily be EASY to totally duplicate their results, even with all the info at hand. Bar Tartine is known for an unwavering from-scratch ethos...
by Serious Eats about Bar Tartine   -  full review
Difficult as it may be to follow this book to the letter, it is well worth doing what you can to replicate Brock's recipes.
by Serious Eats about Heritage   -  full review
These are delicious little nuggets, for sure. The braise in buttermilk turns the skin succulent and tangy, giving it character that stands up to the flavorful flour mixture and the frying.
by Serious Eats about Fried chicken skin with hot sauce and honey from Heritage   -  full review
The balance of flavors is lovely. The vinaigrette, of which you'll have plenty leftover, is light, lively, and, as it happens, delicious over fish.
by Serious Eats about Watermelon and red onion salad with Bibb lettuce, pickled shrimp and, jalapeño vinaigrette from Heritage   -  full review
This is my kind of cornbread: waxy, savory, with an amazingly crunchy crust. I encountered a few problems along the way to this lovely loaf...
by Serious Eats about Cracklin' cornbread from Heritage   -  full review
The squash purée provides autumnal flavor and the silkiest texture, which is a counterpoint to the toothsome farro and slightly crunchy kale.
by Serious Eats about Farrotto with acorn squash and red Russian kale from Heritage   -  full review
The 2015 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks winner of the final round vs. David Lebovitz's My Paris Kitchen
by Food52 about Brooks Headley's Fancy Desserts   -  full review
The 2015 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks vs. Brooks Headley's Fancy Desserts
by Food52 about My Paris Kitchen   -  full review
The 2015 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks winner vs. Maria Elia's Smashing Plates
by Food52 about My Paris Kitchen   -  full review
The 2015 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks vs.David Lebovitz's My Paris Kitchen
by Food52 about Smashing Plates   -  full review
The 2015 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks winner vs. Sean Brock's Heritage
by Food52 about Brooks Headley's Fancy Desserts   -  full review
The 2015 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks vs. Brooks Headley's Fancy Desserts
by Food52 about Heritage   -  full review
The 2015 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks winner vs. Zoe Nathan's Huckleberry
by Food52 about Heritage   -  full review
The 2015 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks vs. Sean Brock's Heritage
by Food52 about Huckleberry   -  full review
The 2015 Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks winner vs. Jody Williams' Buvette
by Food52 about Smashing Plates   -  full review

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