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An accidental invention: the history of the Popsicle

July 31 2015, 0 Comments

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This was a very successful recipe. I don't think the tarragon works for my taste though. I'd probably use basil, oregano or the like for a less bold herb hit. It's possible I used too much tarragon but again I don't think it's the right flavour for this particular recipe. ( Not in my Hubby's opinion however ).
by sue_anne about Creamy tomato tuna penne pasta from Food Wishes
Excellent and different. Made the smoked eggplant on the charcoal grill when grilling a steak, worked well. Might be too hot for some (like my partner). Very filling.
by wodtke about Braised eggs with beef, smoked aubergine and tomato from Ottolenghi.co.uk
This is a great recipe, but there is too much dressing. Cut that down, and it is very good.
by JKDLady about The best pasta salad from Happy Days with the Naked Chef
Good, but way too much salt. I had to pull the skin off to eat it, which meant I lost a lot of the flavor. Cut the salt at least in half.
by JKDLady about Grilled chicken drumsticks berberé from Thrill of the Grill
Did not yield enough liquid. The recipe says to reduce the liquid to 1.5 cups, but I barely had 3/4 cup after letting the juices rest and defatting. It was tasty, but there wasn't enough to thicken and serve with the short ribs. I felt they needed sauce, so I added beef stock and it came out too salty, so I balanced out the salt with root vegetables and noodles. Turned out okay, but it wasn't the dish I was expecting when I chose the recipe.
by sterlingrose1 about Pomegranate-braised boneless beef short ribs from Pressure Cooker Perfection
This is very good, but soak the grape leaves overnight in water to get rid of some of the salt.
by JKDLady about Cheese and jamon serrano wrapped in grape leaves (Queso fresco) from Farol
This takes a lot of work. It cooks for 3 hours, but it is worth it all. It is an excellent dish.
by JKDLady about Rice pudding Asturian style (Arroz con leche al estilo Asturiano) from One Pot Spanish
This was so good! I used leftover cooked chicken and smoked Gouda. I used only 1/2 cup of BBQ sauce in the step where you spread it over the pizza dough. 1 cup seemed like far too much and I think it came out perfectly with half the amount. I also left out the salt for the topping because I felt between the BBQ sauce and the cheese it was overkill. I used this book's whole wheat pizza dough recipe, but think it would be good with her regular pizza dough as well. I left out the cilantro only because I didn't have any -- I think it would have made a nice addition.
by Christine about BBQ chicken and sweet corn pizza from Seriously Delish
I've made Jessica's regular pizza crust and whole wheat pizza crust recipes from her blog many times. They are my favorite homemade pizza crusts I have tried so far and I am glad to have this recipe now in one of my cookbooks. Makes a fairly large pizza that can go end-to-end on my large air-bake baking sheet.
by Christine about Our favorite pizza crust from Seriously Delish
I've made Jessica's regular pizza crust and whole wheat pizza crust recipes from her blog many times. They are my favorite homemade pizza crusts I have tried so far and I am glad to have this recipe now in one of my cookbooks. Makes a fairly large pizza that can go end-to-end on my large air-bake baking sheet.
by Christine about The 100% whole wheat version (pizza crust) from Seriously Delish
Delicious. But so simple and quick. I used bacon and omitted the salt.
by lilham about Liang Nian Xiu's snow peas, tomatoes, and chilies from Breath of a Wok
This was good, but not exceptional. We weren't convinced the walnuts were really a good idea. Maybe toasted almonds would work? The syrup was very intense, with good acidity from the lemon.
by veronicafrance about Roasted figs and walnuts from French Leave
Needed some extra spicing. I suggest adding some fish spices and herbs to the mixture or topping the baked cakes with a dash of soy sauce.
by cgal about Storecupboard fishcakes from River Cottage Light & Easy
Very delicious - lime and green peppercorns really make this salad - plus it's quick and easy to make. Use the best feta you can find. I used sesame oil (a recommended substitute) instead of pumpkinseed oil. Will make again over and over.
by tasteslike about Watermelon and feta salad with limes, pumpkinseed oil, toasted pumpkin seeds and green peppercorns from Paradiso Seasons
The filling is too bland and the jam too sweet, but the flavor combinations are addictingly good. Even someone who didn't like this at first was a believer by the end. Serve w/ feta or similar cheese & dry-cured black olives. I cut recipe in half; it made 16 parcels from four giant chard leaves cut in quarters. Had leftovers for breakfast; this may be better cold (or room temp) than warm. I'll make it again, but next time will reduce sugar in jam to 150-200 g (start with smaller amount) and add more hot chiles (or sambal oelek). For 1/2 recipe of filling use 2 c. diced yellow onion, sautéed in olive oil w/ s&p, stir in 2 minced jalapeños, 6 cloves garlic, and 1 tsp. ground coriander and cook 1 min then put in bowl; roughly mash potato (should be chunky) and add to onion mix with 3-4 Tbsp. minced thyme, 1/4 c. minced parsley, 4 minced green onions (white and green parts), cooked lentils, and maybe some feta. For baking, use only a small amount of stock to prevent soggy parcels.
by tasteslike about Braised chard parcels of potato and lentil with spiced red pepper and tomato jam from Paradiso Seasons
by Baking Bites about Buttercream Dreams   -  full review
If writing a cookbook is your goal, you’ll also want to check out The Joy of Writing a Great Cookbook by Kimberly Yorio...I spoke with Kim about cookbook publishing and here’s what she had to say:
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Tips from the book
by Food52 about Cairo Kitchen   -  full review
by Baking Bites about Jack Daniel's Cookbook   -  full review
by Leite's Culinaria about Milanos from Cookie Love   -  full review
by Baking Bites about Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream   -  full review
... a quick and flavorful dish that we're definitely adding to our entertaining repertoire.
by The Kitchn about Foil-baked feta from Flavour   -  full review
Interview with the author.
by Food52 about Pasta by Hand   -  full review
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