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Recipes with warmth and ease in The Kitchn Cookbook

October 24 2014, 0 Comments

Faith Durand answers questions about her book and dishes on her favorite recipe from The Kitchn... read more

Cookbook giveaway - The Kitchn Cookbook

October 24 2014, 11 Comments

Enter for your chance to win one of 5 copies of the cookbook by Faith Durand and Sara Kate Gillingham... read more

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October 23 2014, 0 Comments

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The foods of Diwali

October 23 2014, 0 Comments

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is one of the largest Indian festivals and is celebrated worldwide. Discover the foods associated with this holiday... read more

Move over tacos, here come arepas

October 22 2014, 2 Comments

Are arepas poised to become the next great American food? New York City's Arepa King hopes so... read more

Ruhlman on paying attention

October 21 2014, 0 Comments

The author of How to Roast shows us that being aware in our cooking endeavors is more important than any recipe... read more

Cookbook giveaway - How to Roast

October 21 2014, 47 Comments

Enter for your chance to win 1 of 5 copies of Michael Ruhlman's How to Roast. ... read more

I was excited when I saw this book since it seems I always have some extra buttermilk in the fridge that needs to be used up. Hopefully my first experience with the recipes isn't indicative of what's to come as the GREEN CHILI STEW WITH MASA DUMPLINGS was a dull flop. First of all, when the recipe has you puree all the veggies (never mind before even cooking them) we're talking soup, not stew in my books. Cooking would have drawn out the natural sweetness and flavours of the vegetables in my view but since they were pureed raw and warmed in the pot they were very "one note" and just green-tasting. Of course once the mixture is heated it turns a dull grey-green and isn't remotely appetizing. The addition of buttermilk, which the author points out, curdles as it hits the pot, just takes this from uninspired looking to off-putting. We poured what was left down the drain. Even a spritz of lime juice couldn't brighten this hot mess!!
by Breadcrumbs about Animal Farm Buttermilk Cookbook
Used 2 small bananas and soured milk as I had no buttermilk - absolutely delicious, and no effort to make.
by Pangur Ban about Banana buttermilk pancakes from Feast
This was delicious and dead simple - perfect for an easy midweek dinner. I doubled the corn and added a fresh green chilli. Will definitely repeat.
by aargle about Chorizo, corn & black bean salad with tortillas from Delicious Magazine (Aus), April 2010
Easy to make and a crowd pleaser but too sweet for me.
by cookktanner about Caramel coconut slice from Cakes & Slices Cookbook
This was an unmitigated disaster- a shame given the tasty ingredients. The instructions were descriptively specific (reduce by one third) but maddeningly vague on things like time and temperature. I reduced the milk exactly according to my measuring cup but when I mixed it and the melted chocolate into the barely whipped cream I knew there was too much liquid and it would not set. Sure enough, even after chilling almost 3 hours it was barely the consistency of a runny mousse, layered over a mess. I scooped the top off and served it as a mousse (hardly birthday-like) somewhat salvaging the dish. Too bad, the flavors were quite good together.
by Barb_N about Bitter chocolate, coffee and cardamom truffle cake from Moro
I thought the preserved lemon (I used a store-bought one) overpowered the spices so I might cut back a bit on that. It was better the second day.
by stockholm28 about Moroccan chicken with green olives & preserved lemons from All About Braising
p. 321 Lovely. Let me start by saying that historically, neither mr bc nor I have been fans of risotto. Reminds me of rice pudding and I usually get tired of eating it...same texture, same flavour bite after bite. That said, we were recently served a great risotto as part of a tasting menu so I thought I'd give a home version a try. MC's appealed for its use of fall ingredients (I'd searched risotto/leeks/butternut squash) in EYB and for its ease of preparation. As Westmintress notes above, the squash is grated (using a food processor) and cooked along with the rice. This was really nice. The leeks and squash imparted a perfect amount of sweetness to the dish. The parmesan balanced that with its salty tang. We served this (well, mr bc had his with...) grilled chicken that I'd basted with a balsamic/roasted garlic glaze. I'd make this again. photos here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/841835#9244156
by Breadcrumbs about Butternut squash risotto with pistachios and lemon from Cook This Now
p. 296 - Loved this! Took stockholm's lead and used baby kale. Huge hit at cucina bc! Wouldn't change a thing next time. Photos and more info here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/841835#9253413
by Breadcrumbs about Raw kale salad with anchovy-date dressing from Cook This Now
These are not the prettiest of cookies, but they are absolutely delicious. I always make two batches- one just for my sister-in-law and nephew (who still fight over them). I usually double the amount of chocolate used so I can hide the imperfections on the flat side of the cookie.
by TrishaCP about Reindeer antlers from The Washington Post
Mushrooms are not listed as part of this recipe. Nevertheless, I used them.
by tawantin about Butternut squash-Bartlett pear soup with roasted butternut squash seeds from Vegan Soul Kitchen
This ISBN is actually for a book titled Cooking with Samia,, Authentic Recipes Featuring Middle Eastern Cuisine.
by VickyW65 about Ohio Cookin'
from the book Apples of Uncommon Character. A snap to prepare. All the crust ingredients are pulsed together in the food processor, as are the filling ingredients. I loved the crust, and I think it would make an excellent dough for crackers served with a creamy triple cream cheese.
by DKennedy about Apple lime custard tart from The Wall Street Journal
A homemade Deviled Ham!
by duckchick about Deviled ham from Southern Bite
This is a nice quick and simple way of making duck à l'orange for just a couple of people. It only takes about 20 minutes and the effort versus results score is high.
by veronicafrance about Duck breasts in orange (Magrets de canard à l'orange) from French Kitchen
I made this on the stovetop instead of in the slow cooker. It was very quick and easy since I had pre-prepped the ingredients. It was a bit one-note for me in the spicing and I added a bit of cayenne to improve it along with lots of cilantro, which was key. That said, my family really loved the dish.
by westminstr about Slow cooker chicken tikka masala from The Kitchn
...will nourish on every level through all the courses from drinks to dessert (even salad dressings!). And not one photo or recipe made me feel pressured (just hungry).
by A Way to Garden about Good Food to Share   -  full review
...a happy combination of fresh-from-the-garden ingredients...combined into well-written, practical recipes that invite me to try them. No crazy-long lists of ingredients; no daunting step-by-steps...
by A Way to Garden about Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook   -  full review
His handcrafted, informal approach to cookery encourages us to improvise and find our inspiration with the moment of the market, and the garden.
by A Way to Garden about Kitchen Diaries   -  full review
Weil is a keen cook, and it shows in the not-hippie, not-boring, not-weird cuisine that he created with [his restaurant partners]. Their approach... “delicious food that is also good for you.”
by A Way to Garden about True Food   -  full review
What I love most: Through the lens of these two master foodies, I’m looking at familiar vegetables (though the book is rich with meats and fishes, too) as if they are completely new.
by A Way to Garden about Jerusalem   -  full review
...among the recipes are many clever bits to take away, too, such as this one for making vegetable stock: Grate the vegetables—onions, carrots, celery–before sautéing, to get the most flavor.
by A Way to Garden about River Cottage Veg   -  full review
An interview with the author Deborah Madison.
by A Way to Garden about Vegetable Literacy   -  full review
An interview with the author Kevin West.
by A Way to Garden about Saving the Season   -  full review
Interview with the author Mollie Katzen.
by A Way to Garden about Heart of the Plate   -  full review
An interview with author Bryant Terry.
by A Way to Garden about Afro-Vegan   -  full review
Interview with author Deborah Madison.
by A Way to Garden about New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone   -  full review
Interview with author Laurie David.
by A Way to Garden about Family Cooks   -  full review
Interview with author Martha Rose Shulman.
by A Way to Garden about Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking   -  full review
We can't wait to get in the kitchen and really cook from this one, especially from the seasonal entertaining sections, which features meals centered around a glorious roast.
by Tasting Table about Fat Radish Kitchen Diaries   -  full review
Nope, New Nordic isn't over. In fact, it's just getting started. So let's all...focus on Reykjavik, Iceland where Gunnar Gíslason, the chef at Dill, has his own deeply personal culinary story to tell.
by Tasting Table about North   -  full review

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