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I cook many of Harumi's recipes from her Japanese web site as well as her Japanese language books and magazines. This is the recipe to use for Japanese style tsukune using either ground chicken or pork. Great tasting in bento because these keep and tasty even room temperature. Favorite among Japanese.
by Rinshin about Japanese tsukune with teriyaki sauce from Everyday Harumi
Absolutely delicious. If the only way you've had bulgur is in tabbouleh you should definitely try this because it is so much tastier. The recipe looks very involved but take a deep breath and assess which bits you can do ahead. I used feta instead of labneh because I had it.
by Foodycat about Bulgur and spinach pilaff with chilli-roast tomatoes, labneh and sweet onions from Diana Henry at The Sunday Telegraph
Enchantment Green Chile Stew, page 54. Author says this is the basic New Mexico Chile Verde recipe and many variations and additions are there. I added cumin, dusted pork cubes with flour and chicken stock in place of water. The proportion of ingredients was perfect and this chile verde stew excellent. Finished it off with a splash of sherry vinegar. Very satisfying taste which took me back to our road trip on route 66 through New Mexico.
by Rinshin about Heat Wave!
I haven't made this simple and surprisingly delicious recipe in years, but a recipe for salmon fried rice that I just saw on Elise Bauer's blog made me think of it. Must make this recipe again soon.
by sgump about Salmon-cucumber rice from Bento Boxes
Nice and easy; very tasty on toast, pasta, sandwiches, and as a dip.
by mjperkins about Pea-mint-sunflower seed pesto from Fine Cooking Magazine, Jun/Jul 2015
Couldn't be easier and absolutely delicious. Better than a lot of restaurant versions.
by sturlington about Key Lime pie with walnut-graham cracker crust from Foster's Market Cookbook
A very tasty potato salad that got rave reviews. I love the creamy dijon dressing.
by sturlington about Roasted new potato salad with Dijon vinaigrette from Foster's Market Cookbook
This was delicious! The mushroom sauce on its own had a pleasantly meaty texture (I used a combination of brown button and oyster mushrooms), but the caramelized leek topping elevated this dish to something special. A keeper!
by Astrid5555 about Creamy mushroom pasta with frizzled leeks from Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl + Spoon
This last time was the best. Very adaptable. Best thing to do is cut everything very small/thin otherwise it's too crunchy. Used raisins this time. Added a very few bits of fried ham. Otherwise stuck to the recipe pretty well. It's good on the first day, better and best on the next couple days.
by louie734 about Broccoli slaw from Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
With the addition of about a pound of green beans, and served with about 1/2 cup of rice each, I get four good lunch portions which hold up well throughout the week.
by alisonkc about Red Thai tofu from Appetite for Reduction
This is now my go to method to cook risotto. I use Suzanne's recipe as the base for a number of risottos. My favorite is scallop made with crayfish stock, also made in the pressure cooker. I have also made mushroom. All delicious and quick.
by RosieB about Risotto bianco from Pressure Cooker Recipe Book
Part 2: After writing my initial review of the book I took a closer look and identified 10 recipes that appealed and have subsequently made 4 of them. (all reviewed in EYB). I have to say that the Lime Yogurt Olive Oil cake recipe alone was worth the price of the book but all 4 recipes were a great success. This book has earned its place on my shelf, it's here to stay and I look forward to trying the other dishes I've tabbed.
by Breadcrumbs about Milk Bar Life
Part 1- So first let me say, I don't have CT's first book nor have I ever been to her bakery or tasted her wares. I pre-ordered this book based on her reputation and the fact that this wasn't a baking book. The question is, what is it? Well, it's definitely a recipe book and also there are CT life stories and bakery stories scattered throughout. The book includes a mix of what CT describes accurately as "lowbrow" recipes and ones you might actually make with greater emphasis on the former. I think the book would appeal to CT fans because it's fun, shares some insights and no doubt there are some really good recipes in here. I think it will also appeal to folks who like to read cookbooks like novels and have an interest in this young female chef who's undoubtedly achieved a lot in her short career. I wouldn't recommend buying it just for the recipes though because I suspect there may not be enough non-lowbrow recipes to justify the cost.
by Breadcrumbs about Milk Bar Life
LIME YOGURT AND OLIVE OIL CAKE - Crazy good! I added blueberries (an option provided in the book). It sounded good when I read the recipe, it smelled absolutely fabulous as it baked in the oven and it tasted better than I could have imagined. Something about the richness of the olive oil and deep lime flavour . . . this is cake heaven. I'm already imagining how fabulous it would be with black currants. Photos here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/1009511?commentId=9531963#9531963
by Breadcrumbs about Lime, yogurt, and olive oil cake from Milk Bar Life
TEX-MEX CURRIED CHILI WITH AVOCADO RAITA - I don't know which I loved the most, the spicy curried chili unlike any I've eaten before or the tangy, creamy raita with avocado. Together they were magic but I'd be happy with either on their own. Photos here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/1009511?commentId=9531963#9531963
by Breadcrumbs about Tex-Mex curried chili with avocado raita from Milk Bar Life
Pitt Cue Co.: The Cookbook is a winner. Plan your menu ahead of time and you’ll be fine. The recipes in here beg for a crowd, so invite a bunch of people over and enjoy that moment of glory...
by Publishers Weekly about Pitt Cue Co.: The Cookbook   -  full review
That’s because it’s written by a chef who isn't afraid to get reckless with vegetables until a good dish presents itself... This is what we need. We already have precious love songs about vegetables.
by Food52 about Girl and Her Greens   -  full review
The technique for these potatoes is genius... Boil tiny potatoes in well-salted water until the water is gone. ...perfectly cooked potatoes with a toasty, slightly salty crust. I ate them like candy.
by Fine Cooking about Salt-crusted potatoes with herbed vinegar from Girl and Her Greens   -  full review
If kale always tasted like this, I'd eat more kale. Deep, dark green and pleasantly garlicky, it's great on pizza, pasta, or, as suggested by Bloomfield, stirred into polenta.
by Fine Cooking about Kale puree from Girl and Her Greens   -  full review
Simmering cauliflower in a spicy broth to boost its flavor before roasting is, well, genius. The accompanying cheese is mighty tasty, too.
by Food52 about Whole roasted cauliflower with whipped goat cheese [Alon Shaya] from Food52 Genius Recipes   -  full review
If you want the smoothest, silkiest hummus ever, make this one. The genius step is sautéing the chickpeas with a little baking soda.
by Food52 about Basic hummus [Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi] from Food52 Genius Recipes   -  full review
The book might not hold up in the kitchen, and it might not hold up without the strength of Tosi, Milk Bar, and Momofuku behind it, but that doesn't mean we don't learn from it.
by Food52 about Milk Bar Life   -  full review
There’s one for every table and every occasion, and this book goes a long way toward easing these healthful greens onto the menu throughout the year.
by The Boston Globe about Brassicas   -  full review
...knockout flavors realized through instructions that are, well, not foolproof. In some cases you can use your judgment...with the baking recipes, the solution might not be as obvious.
by The Washington Post about Home   -  full review
This isn’t a book just for those looking to shift to a more plant-based diet—it’s also for those who are already embracing it. ...get the most experienced among us to look at ingredients in a new way
by Food52 about My New Roots   -  full review
Interview with author Faith Durand
by The Kitchn about Bakeless Sweets   -  full review
Interview with author Emma Christensen
by The Kitchn about True Brews   -  full review
Interview with author Megan Gordon
by The Kitchn about Whole-Grain Mornings   -  full review
Interview with author Nick Evans
by The Kitchn about Love Your Leftovers   -  full review
Interview with author Maureen Petrosky
by The Kitchn about Cocktail Club   -  full review

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