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Me & my cookbooks - Elizabeth Winslow

August 27 2015, 0 Comments

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August 2015 cookbook roundup

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Does it matter how we use our cookbooks?

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The food that takes you home

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I really liked this recipe - super easy to throw together (especially if you use canned chipotles) and very smoky. Will definitely use this again when having guests over. Wrote it up on my blog: http://www.thekitchenchronicles.com/2015/08/28/roasted-tomatillo-chipotle-salsa/
by elizabethzvolpe about Essential roasted tomattillo-chipotle salsa from Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen
The ice cream is pleasant but it could use more nectarine flavor.
by twoyolks about Nectarine ice cream from Perfect Scoop
102 of 114 recipes are online.
by Cati about Yellow Table
EYB shows every recipe in this book available online.
by Cati about Simple Flavours
Excellent marinade for lamb. For one pound of lamb, I cut the olive oil in half, kept the other ingredients the same, except for at least doubling the amount of cilantro. Cooking time on my grill was less than stated in the recipe.
by Avocet about Marinated lamb kabobs (Qodban) from Quintet of Cuisines (Foods of the World)
I made this today, the weather is oppressive and this drink is cooling. I only let it steep 40 minutes, it should be fantastic after 12 hours, if there is any left.
by ldtrieb about Switchel from Food52
Excellent! This is my favorite Alice Waters cookbook, all recipes realistic, truly simple, deeply and honestly flavored.
by mcvl about Clam chowder with buttered croutons from Art of Simple Food
Extremely good. Made this for three people using two eggplants and half a pound of leftover roasted leg of lamb (medium rare). Cut the lamb into small cubes and gave it a quick whirl in the food processor and added it to the cooked and cooled onions so it wouldn't overcook. Used my own tomato sauce (tomatoes, onion, garlic, bay leaf and white wine) instead of canned. Didn't need to add extra water as I didn't let the sauce become too concentrated.
by Avocet about Eggplant with lamb, tomato, and pine nuts from Rose Water & Orange Blossoms
Updated version of the chocolate Martica which used mole bitters and slightly more vermouth (1 oz). Rich and delicious. Photo here: http://forums.egullet.org/topic/149602-death-co-modern-classic-cocktails/?p=2028600 Chocolate Martica: http://bittermens.com/recipes/
by fprincess about Martica from Death & Co
A bit of a mixed review--I made this slaw as it was part of the Hoisin Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches (p. 146). It is just fine in the sandwich, but I wouldn't really like it by itself--too much fish sauce (1/2 cup!!!). The slaw also wilts quickly, so only make the amount you need and toss with the dressing close to serving time.
by Bloominanglophile about Napa slaw from Blue Ginger
These were fabulous--my family loved them. I don't think I have ever seen pork tenderloins for sale that are only 8 oz., so I bought two 1 lb. pork tenderloins, resulting in about 6- 7 servings. If you buy larger tenderloins like I did, there is no need to increase the marinade--it makes plenty. Three hours in the marinade gave the meat a really nice flavor. These took about 25 minutes to cook in the oven. I used some of the pan juices and mixed it with mayo to spread on the buns to prevent them from getting too soggy from the slaw.
by Bloominanglophile about Hoisin pork tenderloin sandwiches from Blue Ginger
This was a delicious bowl of noodles, even if it didn't look all that attractive (due to the sesame paste). The paste resisted mixing, just like natural peanut butter and tahini. However, it was really grainy, hence the dish's lack of charm. Didn't affect the flavor, though. Hoisin pork was subbed for the chicken, with good results (getting creative with leftovers). I didn't dry my noodles or coat them with oil, as I was trying to hurry and get this made for lunch. Maybe some day when I can plan ahead of time!
by Bloominanglophile about Mrs Yu's sweet and spicy cold noodles (Yu lao shi lang mian) from Every Grain of Rice
A I wasn't able to find pomegranate molasses I replaced it with a good balsamic vinegar and I also replaced the pomegranate seeds with sultanas. It still turned out very well.
by ptkcollins about Bulgur wheat salad (Kisir) from Persiana
Didn't like this. The sweet & spicy flavors all but disappeared into the soy sauce. It turned almost medicinal tasting. No one finished it.
by SilverSage about The best Korean BBQ you've ever tasted! from Food52
Made this for dinner and served it with the recommended cumin chili black beans and warmed tortillas. I made kind of a mess of it by forgetting to add in the paprika until after I put the potatoes in the pan, which then required me to stir things around, which then required more oil (way more). Plus, my heat was too high, so the bottom burned, although ultimately that didn't matter. I used slightly more than 2lbs of potatoes and I think this would have been best with slightly less than 2lbs as my pan was very, very full. Two tablespoons of oil for the potatoes is definitely the minimum necessary, and do not cook at higher than the lowest medium-high you have. We ate the hash and beans in burrito form and it was much tastier than I expected, but my kids didn't love it enough to warrant making it again. Oh well.
by sldoug about Smoky two-potato and ham hash from How to Cook Everything Fast
by Baking Bites about Donna Bell's Bake Shop   -  full review
by Food in Jars about Rose Water & Orange Blossoms   -  full review
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If writing a cookbook is your goal, you’ll also want to check out The Joy of Writing a Great Cookbook by Kimberly Yorio...I spoke with Kim about cookbook publishing and here’s what she had to say:
by Cooking with Amy about Joy of Writing a Great Cookbook   -  full review
Tips from the book
by Food52 about Cairo Kitchen   -  full review
by Baking Bites about Jack Daniel's Cookbook   -  full review
by Leite's Culinaria about Milanos from Cookie Love   -  full review
by Baking Bites about Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream   -  full review
... a quick and flavorful dish that we're definitely adding to our entertaining repertoire.
by The Kitchn about Foil-baked feta from Flavour   -  full review

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