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Eat Your Books has indexed over 2 million recipes - so now you can have a search engine to find all your recipes in your cookbooks, magazines & favorite blogs


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As you add the cookbooks you own your recipe index is automatically created! Also add magazines you subscribe to and the blogs and websites you follow.

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Search YOUR collection of recipes in ways you'd never have dreamed was possible - ingredients, recipe types, ethnicity, etc.

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Tag your books and recipes any way you want. Organize books by location, tag your favorite recipes, create menus for special's up to you.

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Join our growing community of food and cookbook lovers. Swap cooking tips and advice, comment on and rate books and recipes.

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What our members are saying

You've created a brilliant resource and it has really changed my life for the better. I adore cookbooks and now I have access to them and can have so much more fun with them.
Rachel, October 2020

WOW! You nailed it! This is exactly what was missing. A site that allows indexing and searching of recipes you own. I've made 5 new meals in a week all because I could finally search through all my recipes! And indexing popular recipe websites? Pure Genius!
Diane, July 2020

I love EYB! Wasn't sure what to do with chicken cutlets tonight and am now making 'Skillet Basil-Peach Chicken Breasts'. Never would have thought of it or had the time to go through my cookbooks.
Debbie, June 2020

Now I have so much better access to my cookbooks than I ever thought possible. I can search for a recipe idea and retrieve every recipe among 630 books on my bookshelves and then choose. And I can even do this from the grocery isle.
Gregg, May 2020

Your website has been an invaluable tool that enables me to leverage all of the recipes in my library, and I will be a customer for life!!! I use it nearly every day. I especially love the ability to look up a recipe from one of my favourite authors and know instantly which book holds it. In the past, I used to have to go through all of one writer’s books before finding the recipe.
Chantal, May 2020

I love using the website! I feel like I'm using all my cookbooks now for the first time.
Shyla, March 2020

Eat Your Books has directed me into cookbooks on my shelves that I hadn’t used in years. A tremendous resource! … and great, delicious fun.
Michael, January 2020

I truly think that your program is brilliant, and I really do tell everyone who will listen all about it. I probably should be on your advertising payroll!
Mary, February 2019

I am a recent member and so excited to finally have all my beloved cookbooks organized in a more user-friendly format! I think I'll cook more, from a wider variety of my books, and I'll hopefully waste less food from my CSA box, since I'll be able to search by ingredients I have on hand. So cool!
Cheryl, January 2019

This website is fabulous! I have so many cookbooks that I never use because it's so time consuming to go through each index. What a brilliant idea!
Nancy, November 2018

I have hundreds of cookbooks and cooking magazines. I've already tried your site and it's just amazing. In the last week I've used it 3 times to find something "new" for dinner from one of my books. What a great idea !!!
Roseanne, November 2018

I'm new to your site and I have to tell is amazing! I absolutely love it! I have almost 40 cookbooks...I have a slight problem...and I can't ever find what I'm looking for easily. It's incredible.
Jillian, January 2018

This is the . . . absolute best . . . idea I think anyone has ever had in the history of the world. You have just solved the one main problem I have with all of my cookbooks and magazines.
Pete - February 2017

EYB is a pillar of management for me…EYB knows what meals can be made from the bits and pieces in the fridge and pantry.
Adrienne - September 2017

I have to tell you ~ this site is the most amazing thing that I have encountered in a long long time!
Bonnie – March 2017

I love it. It has immeasurably improved the way I use my cookbooks. I grow my own veggies and can collect relevant recipes instantly when I have a harvest.
Cynthia - February 2017

I’ve definitely been using my cookbook recipes so much more…EYB is the best thing to happen to cookbook fans since cookbooks!
Diane – July 2017

I can take odds and ends in my fridge, or the contents of my farm box and pantry, type them into the search, and find a list of dishes to cook from my cookbooks. Recipes that I would never have the time to stumble across while manually flipping through pages.
Kelley - November 2016

I think it's brilliant! I certainly get more out of my books and I certainly buy a lot more books now.......
Jeanne – May 2017

I love EYB – I get a kick out of finding new recipes and rediscovering cookbooks that I had forgotten I have - it appeals to my sense of environmental responsibility/sustainability.
Sandra - April 2017

What the media is saying

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If you have a lot of cookbooks, and friends who randomly arrive with rabbits (130 recipes), partridge (33) or even a nice bag of Jerusalem artichokes (77) and have no idea what to do and where to start looking, this is a brilliant idea that works in practice, not just theory. Seriously.

When you want to find a recipe, or search for recipes using a specific ingredient, you simply type that in and a list of locations pops up…It's pretty brilliant actually.

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