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Marilyn Moore

  • Wooden Spoon Baking Memoir
    • Categories: Cakes; Baking; Breads & bread machine; Dessert
    • ISBN: 9780871137005 Hardcover (United States) 8/25/2000
  • Wooden Spoon Book of Old Family Recipes
    • Categories: General; American
    • ISBN: 9780871136947 Hardcover (United States) 8/25/2000
  • The Wooden Spoon Bread Book: The Secrets of Successful Baking
    • Categories: Baking
    • ISBN: 9780871131508 Hardcover (United States) 8/1/1987
  • Wooden Spoon Cookie Book
    • Categories: Baking
    • ISBN: 9780871136015 Paperback (United States) 8/25/2000
  • Wooden Spoon Dessert Book
    • Categories: Dessert
    • ISBN: 9780871136077 Paperback (United States) 8/25/2000