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Vicki Smallwood

  • 100 Great Recipes Vegetarian Spiral
    • ISBN: 9781845091866 Paperback 8/1/2005
  • 100 Great Recipes: Vegetarian
    • Categories: Vegetarian
    • ISBN: 9781435116306 Paperback (United States) 1/1/2009
  • Build Your Own Burger: More Than 60,000 Burger Combos
    • Categories: Sandwiches & wraps
    • ISBN: 9781416245544 Spiral-bound (United States) 3/31/2015
  • Build Your Own Burger
    • Categories: General courses
    • ISBN: 9781845436216 Hardcover (United Kingdom) 5/7/2015
  • Build Your Own Sandwich: More Than 60,000 Sandwich Combos
    • Categories: General
    • ISBN: 9781845436322 Hardcover (United Kingdom) 11/5/2015
  • Complete Cookery: Vegetarian
    • Categories: Vegetarian
    • ISBN: 9781845094423 Paperback (United Kingdom) 12/1/2006
  • Complete Cookery: Healthy Meals
    • Categories: Health
    • ISBN: 9781845094416 Paperback (United Kingdom) 12/1/2006
  • The Ice Cream Handbook
    • Categories: Ice cream & frozen desserts; Dessert
    • ISBN: 9781845090630 Paperback (United Kingdom) 8/1/2005
  • One Hundred Bread Machine Recipes
    • Categories: Breads & bread machine
    • ISBN: 9781856057141 Misc. format (United Kingdom) 7/31/2002
  • Totally Farmers Market
    • Categories: Organic, wholefoods & country
    • ISBN: 9781903327586 Paperback (United Kingdom) 5/1/2008


VICKI SMALLWOOD is a food stylist, recipe developer, home economist and cookbook author. She has written cookbooks on a variety of subjects including ice cream, vegetarian cooking, healthy cooking and bread machine baking. She lives in London, UK.