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Julie Le Clerc

  • @ Home, With Love
    • Categories: Restaurants & celebrity chefs; Quick / easy
    • ISBN: 9780143008576 Paperback (New Zealand) 11/1/2008
  • Café @ Home
    • Categories: General
    • ISBN: 9780143018858 Paperback (New Zealand) 4/1/2004
  • Café Collection
    • Categories: Restaurants & celebrity chefs
    • ISBN: 9780143020660 Paperback (New Zealand) 2/13/2008
  • Feast @ Home
    • Categories: General
    • ISBN: 9780143019282 Hardcover (New Zealand) 8/3/2004
  • Hot Pink Spice Saga: An Indian Culinary Travelogue with Recipes
    • Categories: Travel; Restaurants & celebrity chefs; Indian
    • ISBN: 9781775535157 Paperback (New Zealand) 11/7/2014
  • Julie Le Clerc's Favourite Cakes
    • Categories: Restaurants & celebrity chefs; Cakes; Dessert
    • ISBN: 9780143565826 Paperback (New Zealand) 10/3/2011
  • Little Café Cakes
    • Categories: Baking; Cakes
    • ISBN: 9780141004143 Paperback (New Zealand) 8/30/2001
  • Made by Hand: Natural Food to Nourish and Delight
    • ISBN: 9780143204640 Paperback (New Zealand) 9/27/2010
  • Made in Morocco: A Journey of Exotic Tastes & Places
    • Categories: Moroccan
    • ISBN: 9780143019428 Paperback (New Zealand) 7/28/2005
  • More Simple Cafe Food: Secrets of the Cafe Kitchen
    • Categories: General
    • ISBN: 9780140297928 Paperback (New Zealand) 8/29/2000
  • New Zealand Woman's Weekly Cookbook: Seasonal Favourites from Our Kitchen to Yours
    • Categories: General; New Zealand
    • ISBN: 9780143010463 Paperback (New Zealand) 9/29/2008
  • Simple Café Food: Secrets from the Garnet Road Foodstore
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Restaurants & celebrity chefs
    • ISBN: 9780140285468 Paperback (New Zealand) 9/28/2000
  • Simple Cafe Food
    • Categories: Quick / easy
    • ISBN: 9780143565345 Paperback (New Zealand) 1/31/2011
  • Simple Deli Food
    • Categories: General
    • ISBN: 9780143018179 Paperback (New Zealand) 2/27/2003
  • Taking Tea in the Medina
    • Categories: Travel; Middle Eastern
    • ISBN: 9780143020332 Paperback (United Kingdom) 12/27/2006
  • The Vineyards of New Zealand Cookbook
    • Categories: Restaurants & celebrity chefs; Wine, beer & spirits; New Zealand
    • ISBN: 9780670045457 Paperback (New Zealand) 7/28/2004
  • Vineyards of New Zealand Cookbook
    • Categories: Wine, beer & spirits; Restaurants & celebrity chefs; New Zealand
    • ISBN: 9780670911103 Hardcover (New Zealand) 11/29/2001
  • Viva Food: Easy, Stylish, Everyday Recipes
    • Categories: Magazine & newspaper tie-in; Quick / easy; Seasonal
    • ISBN: 9780143020325 Hardcover (New Zealand) 7/27/2005


Julie Le Clerc is an imaginative chef, cookbook author, food and travel writer and food stylist. Julie works internationally from her base in Auckland, New Zealand’s sparkling ‘city of sails’.

Julie has had an eventful culinary career that includes many years cooking in professional kitchens, running her own boutique catering business and owning and cooking for two highly successful cafés. In these kitchens Julie was able to develop and express her own individual style of food before turning her talents to food writing. ‘My cooking is partly inspired, partly invented, but essentially based on good-quality ingredients cooked well.’

Today, Julie lives an enviable life filled with travelling, tasting, eating and writing about food. From all these sources of inspiration, she develops her elegant yet readily achievable recipes that incorporate seriously good flavours. Julie’s cookbooks introduce her style of colourful, uncomplicated food, vibrant with flavour and originality.