10,000 Books on EYB Bookshelves

We have had so many new members sign up since the Boston Globe article last week.  The number of cookbooks on EYB members' Bookshelves is now more than 10,000 and growing every day.  You will see a lot of new indexed books being added too as we have had hundreds of index requests in the last week. read more

Boston Globe article about EYB

There is a great article today about Eat Your Books in the Boston Globe Food Section. read more

800th indexed cookbook added to EYB

We have just added our 800th indexed book to EYB. It was How to Roast a Lamb: New Greek Classic Cooking by Michael Psilakis which has been getting great reviews and appearing in some of the Best Cookbooks of 2009 lists. read more

Best cookbooks of the decade?

In addition to their best of the year cookbook list, Eat Me Daily has produced a Best Cookbooks of the Decade list. I'm not sure that I agree with all their choices - too many restaurant chefs in my opinion. They are all indexed on EYB though, with the exception of The Big Fat Duck Cookbook (that $250 price tag is putting… read more

NPR stories worth catching

Susie was featured on NPR yesterday talking about her selection of the best cookbooks of 2009 - you can hear her discussion with Lianne Hansen on Weekend Edition. Another interesting piece on NPR recently was a discussion between Adam Gopnik of the New Yorker and Monica Bhide, author of Modern Spice, with Rebecca Roberts on Talk of the Nation. This is a fascinating analysis,… read more

Best cookbook of 2009 Lists

It's that time of year when all the Best Cookbooks of the Year lists are popping up - ours is up on the Community page now. Our own Susie's list for NPR has been attracting lots of attention. Here are some other best of lists you might like to take a look at. It's interesting how little overlap there is… read more

Changes to EYB

We've been listening to the suggestions you have made since we launched the site and you will see lots of improvements over the next few months.  Initially, we have increased the font size and revamped the Community and My EYB pages.  There are lots more enhancements to come - but please keep the feedback coming. read more

Anyone interested in indexing books?

We are getting so many index requests from members that we need to take on more data inputters (a paid job).  If you, or anyone you know, might be interested get them to contact us at info@eatyourbooks.com.  They should have good knowledge of recipes and food terms and be careful about spelling and accuracy. read more

Holiday Time

The thing about the holidays is that we expect to cook more than any other time of year while having less time to do it. Every year about this time, I think: Oh no, here comes the turkey again. My brain starts considering the Thanksgiving menu for about 30 seconds before turning tail and running off screaming in another direction.… read more

21 New Ingredients in Under Pressure

I just added Thomas Keller's Under Pressure as an indexed book and was surprised that I had to add another 21 new ingredients, even with 5,936 already in our database.  How many of you have these in your store-cupboard (or even in your grocery store)? Duck tongues, mustard flowers, transglutaminase RM, calcium gluconate, sea urchin tongues, green apple mustard? I'd… read more

First EYB Press

Very exciting - we had our first piece of press today in the Vermont newspaper Seven Days.   The article is available on their online edition. There was also a terrific article about EYB on Suite 101 which explains really well how the site helps cookbook lovers. read more

Heaviest and best cookbooks

Funny piece today on Eat Me Daily about the heaviest cookbooks out there and their cost per pound. As expected, The Big Fat Duck Cookbook was the heaviest and most expensive per pound at $13.57. Take a look and see how the other monster books compare. Another cookbook list you may not have seen was the Village Voice's Top 10… read more

Now indexed 700 books – that’s 172,801 recipes!

I've just imported our 700th indexed book - The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook by Patricia Tanumihardja.  This is a fascinating book - though I was surprised that I had to add 30 new ingredients to our list for this book.  You would think that with more than 5,800 ingredients now in our list that there would be few new ones but… read more

No more dry honey cakes

Every Rosh Hashanah I try a different honey cake recipe hoping that this one will not be dry. Although I'm not Jewish (is my second name Kelly a giveaway there?), my husband is, so we get to celebrate (and cook for) double the amount of festivals every year. Finally yesterday, after 17 years of experiments, I found a moist honey… read more

Favorite cookbooks

Every so often, people ask me "What's your favorite cookbook?" Usually, I wince. Then I make some kind of smart-alecky answer like, "Oh, that's like asking which one's your favorite child? or your favorite music?" These days, I often use a different cookbook every night, improvising and borrowing with abandon. When it comes to cookbooks, I have to say my… read more

Loads of new cookbooks

We've added another 400 or so cookbooks and now have almost 16,000 in the EYB Library. In addition, we are adding newly indexed books all the time and now have more than 700. Don't forget you can request any of your favorites that haven't yet been indexed - just click on the RI button. read more

Welcome to Library Thing members!

I just posted about Eat Your Books today on the Cookbookers group at one of my favorite websites, Library Thing. For those of you who don't know LT, it is a great place to catalog your books and engage in a friendly book-loving community. If you are finding EYB for the first time because of that post, welcome to this… read more

Sheila Lukins

Sad to hear today that Sheila Lukins has died of brain cancer.  I've loved the Silver Palate books for years and own a few of her other books.  We have ten of her books here at EYB and most are indexed.     To view Sheila's books Click Here   read more

Julie & Julia

Saw 'Julie & Julia' last night and loved it.  Based on the books My Life in France by Julia Child and Julie & Julia by Julie Powell, this juxtapositions the two stories.  Julia is finding herself through French cooking (then relatively unknown in US home kitchens) and Julie is finding herself by cooking her way through Julia's Mastering the Art of French Cooking and then blogging about it.  I've… read more

Dinner Ninja

Every once in a while, you suddenly realize that you're richer than you thought. Maybe you find a twenty in your sock drawer, or you remember that you have leftover paella in your fridge and no one else knows about it! I suddenly got that feeling the other day while using EYB for the first time. In this case, though,… read more

I’m loving this website!

Well I know I am biased but I am really getting pleasure out of using EYB. The last two nights I have cooked completely new dinners as a result of using Recipe searches. Last night I did a really quick Salmon and Couscous recipe from Jamie's Dinners (searched on salmon as ingredient and rice, grains & polenta as ingredient type)… read more

Vietnamese “vegetarian” dishes

I was amused when looking through The Foods of Vietnam by Nicole Routhier to find in the chapter titled Vegetarian dishes, recipes that contained ground pork, shrimp, bacon, oyster sauce and fish sauce.  There must be a completely different concept of what a vegetarian is. read more

Welcome to Eat Your Books

After a lot of planning, EatYourBooks.com is finally live.  The idea for the website grew from a desire I had to make better use of my large collection of cookbooks.  I wanted to find new recipes quickly and to be able to search by several criteria such as main ingredients, ethnicity, type of dish, occasions, etc.  I also wanted to… read more
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