Now indexed 700 books – that’s 172,801 recipes!

I've just imported our 700th indexed book - The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook by Patricia Tanumihardja.  This is a fascinating book - though I was surprised that I had to add 30 new ingredients to our list for this book.  You would think that with more than 5,800 ingredients now in our list that there would be few new ones but… read more

No more dry honey cakes

Every Rosh Hashanah I try a different honey cake recipe hoping that this one will not be dry. Although I'm not Jewish (is my second name Kelly a giveaway there?), my husband is, so we get to celebrate (and cook for) double the amount of festivals every year. Finally yesterday, after 17 years of experiments, I found a moist honey… read more

Favorite cookbooks

Every so often, people ask me "What's your favorite cookbook?" Usually, I wince. Then I make some kind of smart-alecky answer like, "Oh, that's like asking which one's your favorite child? or your favorite music?" These days, I often use a different cookbook every night, improvising and borrowing with abandon. When it comes to cookbooks, I have to say my… read more

Loads of new cookbooks

We've added another 400 or so cookbooks and now have almost 16,000 in the EYB Library. In addition, we are adding newly indexed books all the time and now have more than 700. Don't forget you can request any of your favorites that haven't yet been indexed - just click on the RI button. read more

Welcome to Library Thing members!

I just posted about Eat Your Books today on the Cookbookers group at one of my favorite websites, Library Thing. For those of you who don't know LT, it is a great place to catalog your books and engage in a friendly book-loving community. If you are finding EYB for the first time because of that post, welcome to this… read more

Sheila Lukins

Sad to hear today that Sheila Lukins has died of brain cancer.  I've loved the Silver Palate books for years and own a few of her other books.  We have ten of her books here at EYB and most are indexed.     To view Sheila's books Click Here   read more
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