EYB Library now 79,000 books

The import of books data from around the world is now complete, a total of nearly 79,000 cookbooks and books on food from the USA & Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.  So you should now be able to add most of your books to your Bookshelf.  Any you find that we don’t have, import the ISBNs using the Import Books feature and we will add them to the Library, and they will automatically be added to your Bookshelf.

If you have a lot of books to add, the Import Books feature is definitely the way to do it.  I had hundreds of British books I hadn’t been able to add yet but I imported them all in minutes by cut and pasting the ISBNs from a catalog I had on LibraryThing.  If you don’t have the ISBNs cataloged anywhere then you can scan the ISBNs directly using a barcode scanner.  I bought one through amazon.comwhich worked really well but also tried a much cheaper iPhone app (99c) from Red Laser, which wasn’t as easy to use but had the advantage that you didn’t have to be near the computer (and was much cheaper).

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