Tasting Table picks EYB as Handiest Website

Eat Your Books is the Handiest Website of the Month according to Tasting Table. Very cool! And today we have a write-up in The Irish Times which has resulted in a large number of new Irish members. Welcome to you all but I would warn you that initially the site is aimed at the USA so we don't have a lot of British… read more


For those of you in the Boston area, I will be demoing EYB on WBZ-TV tomorrow for the Consumer Reports feature on the 5pm news. We will put up a link on the Press page when we get it. After today it could be broadcast on any CBS affiliate around the USA. I feel more nervous now waiting to see it than… read more

Upcoming improvements on EYB

Thank you for all your feedback, we're so grateful to all those who take the time to write to us. We are still a beta website and there are areas of improvement to be made before we remove the beta from the logo. So keep it coming, we love getting it and it will help us improve our service to… read more

Faster searching coming soon

The huge recent increase in EYB members is wonderful but we have found that searches have slowed down and in some cases been hanging with no results.  This is obviously not a good situation for a recipe search engine, so some major re-coding is going on and a new version of the site will go up next week that will… read more

Great reviews equals lots of new members!

Some great new reviews of EYB today on Tasting Table and thekitchn.com has resulted in our biggest number of new members in one day. Fantastic and exhausting! read more

200,000 recipes now indexed!

With the latest indexed books added to EYB, we now have more than 200,000 recipes indexed. Although obviously we don't carry the actual recipes, this is quite impressive when you consider we only launched a few months ago. Epicurious.com which launched 14 years ago, has 142,000 recipes, and AllRecipes, which started up 12 years ago, has 40,000 recipes. We are… read more

More publicity for EYB

And the publicity keeps coming which is fantastic. The first couple of months after we launched was difficult as we felt like we were almost invisible but now we can't keep up with all the great PR we are getting. We are in the process of putting up a press page so you can see everything. Publishers Weekly had a wonderful… read more

Soup Books

Let me make it clear: I'm not well suited to living in New England. I take after my mom, who grew up in a subtropical part of China - I flinch when the frost comes creeping up the windows. While my daughter runs around the house barefoot in a tutu and my son fetches the wood in a T-shirt (no… read more
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