How many cookbooks do we need?

Josh Ozersky writes in the current issue of Time magazine that no-one needs more than about four cookbooks.  What nonsense!  Nancy Baggett, author of numerous wonderful cookbooks, has responded on her blog and asked for comments. read more

Keep up to date with EYB

We are now posting details of newly indexed books on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, so if you would like to know immediately what new books have been indexed, subscribe by clicking the links on the Community page.  We will also be posting the links to Buzz features - news from the world of cookbooks. read more

Armchair Adventures

Lushly photographed on coated stock, ruinously priced, and as heavy as a KitchenAid mixer--you know what I'm talking about: coffee-table cookbooks.  You tell yourself this will be the last one, truly, and yet there you are again, plunking down $50 and change for a cookbook that will never see the inside of your kitchen. Why is that?  It's because they're… read more

Molly Stevens

Molly Stevens Why Recipes Don't Work... We caught up with the one and only Molly Stevens--author, co-author, or editor of many cookbooks, including the James Beard Award-winning All about Braising.  She's also a contributing editor at Fine Cooking and teaches cooking classes throughout the country.  She provided us with a rare insight--from a cooking teacher's perspective--on why cookbooks can only… read more
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