Time for a snack and a book

The holiday season this year has been a compressed blur, with Thanksgiving segueing instantly into Hanukkah into Christmas. I bet you haven't had a chance to do much more than crack your cookbooks to the right page as you dash from one festive culinary ordeal to the next. Forget about browsing through new books in an armchair! But in the… read more

J M Hirsch

J M Hirsch on Cookbooks as Inspiration. My job makes it hard not to be a little jaded about cookbooks. As food editor for The Associated Press, I get sent virtually every cookbook published, sometimes several times (when the PR people aren't all that on the ball). The result is a tidal wave of recipes clamoring to be consumed. Some are obvious… read more

New registration and payment system

Today is a significant day for Eat Your Books - the beta sign has finally come off.  It's taken longer than we thought - but that's the nature of software development.  At the beginning of the year, we didn't realise we were going to do a complete rewrite of the site, but we did, and it's now the website that… read more

What makes a cookbook terrific or terrible?

Susie has written a great article today in Publishers Weekly, titled "10 Things Every Cookbook Publisher Should Know".  Susie receives stacks of new cookbooks every week and she road-tests and reviews many of them.  So she really knows what works and what doesn't. read more
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