Rose Gray of The River Cafe has died

I am so sad to hear that Rose Gray has died of cancer at the age of 71.  In my expense-account days in the TV industry in London, I would eat often at the River Cafe.  I can remember the first time I went there - it was so novel to have an Italian restaurant that was modern, classy and the… read more

3,000 Joy of Cooking Recipes Added

Those Joy of Cooking books really are monsters to index - they have 12 times more recipes than the average cookbook.  We have just added our second one, the 2006 75th Anniversary edition.  At almost 3,000 recipes it took months to index - we kept having to give the indexer (Martha) breaks on other gentler books so she didn't crash and… read more

Welcome to Cooking Club of America members

Welcome to all the new members who have joined up following the article about EYB in the Cooking Club of America Enewsletter.  We hope you enjoy your experience at EYB - please be aware that we have just recently launched and we are constantly improving the website.  If there are any new features you would like to see, please email us at or post… read more

Slow cookers

OK, I came late to the game when it comes to slow cookers.  As a person who's home and in the kitchen most of the time anyway, I didn't need a device that could do the cooking by itself for hours and hours.  I was the slow cooker, you know? Until last Wednesday, that is. I got the slow cooker for an assignment reviewing… read more

900th Indexed Cookbook

We added our 900th indexed cookbook - Jacques Pépin's Complete Techniques which brings the total number of indexed recipes on EYB to almost 215,000. We have a lot of new features we are planning to add to EYB in coming months - one of our priorities is a form to allow members to index their own cookbooks if they wish. read more

Ruth Reichl on what cookbooks mean to her

Ruth Reichl didn't like Adam Gopnik's article in The New Yorker and on her blog she explains how her approach to cooking differs. I'm definitely in Ruth's camp - cooking because you love to do it and because you love feeding other people good things to eat. Adam's constant striving for perfection, and disappointment that each recipe never quite takes him there, doesn't connect… read more

EYB will be on 4FM Radio on Sunday am

I will be doing a live interview Sunday morning on 4FM Radio in Ireland, around 9:30am on Sunday Breakfast with Michael Comyn.  That is 4:30am here on the USA east coast - I hope I can talk sensibly at that hour! read more

A new improved Eat Your Books

We have a new server!! Apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by the changeover whilst the site was down, but hopefully, you'll think it was worth it. I won't go into the technical detail, but we have also made some significant changes to our code that will allow us to improve the usability of the site and add the features… read more

Technology or cookbooks in the kitchen?

An interesting article by Sarah Dickerman on as to whether the iPhone could take over from the cookbook in the kitchen. She concludes not, though does see the advantage of a digital shopping list on your phone. We are intending to add an iPhone app, as well as apps for other smartphones, in the not too distant future. You will then… read more
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