EYB now has a Facebook page

We now have a fan page on Facebook where you can get site updates from us, see the latest blog postings, add your own comments and share EYB with your friends.  Hope to see you there! read more

James Beard Book Award nominations announced

The nominations for the prestigious James Beard Cookbook Awards were announced today.  They can be viewed on our JB Awards nominations page.  We will be attending the awards in New York on May 2nd which is going to be exciting.  We have also created a page listing all the IACP Award nominations which includes the Eat Your Books Award. read more

Changes to Recipe Types

We are doing a major overhaul of the Recipe types as we have found over time that we have needed to add and refine categories.  There will be a interim period while we re-categorize the thousands of recipes already entered for each altered category so please bear with us if you cannot find everything you expect in a category.  The big one… read more

Susie’s Breads

People have strong feelings about that ancient skill, the baking of bread. There are those who avoid it like the plague because yeast is smelly and inscrutable, kneading is messy, and who has time to wait for a 3-hour rise? Then there are those who embrace bread with such fervor that they dedicate a whole fridge to their pet sourdough… read more

Gender studies in the kitchen.

Today, something funny came in the mail, and it set me thinking. 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know, from the editors of Glamour Magazine (who else!?), is a blithely feminine romp.  The recipes have titles like "Wake Up and Make Up Sausage Biscuits" (for the morning after an argument) and "Get Over Him Berry Parfait," not to mention the subtitle's… read more

EYB sponsoring IACP Award

The IACP Award nominations have been announced - it's a great selection of cookbooks and you can view them at the IACP website.  We are very excited that we are the sponsor in the General category - named The Eat Your Books Award - and we will be at the IACP Conference in April to present the award.  The nominated authors… read more
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