Eat Your Books Award at IACP

We just got back from the IACP Cookbook Awards where I presented the Eat Your Books Award.  All the nominees were tremendous books - we were delighted to present it to Stephanie Alexander for Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion.  Well, I would have done if she had been there so it went to Lauraine Jacobs from New Zealand (an ex-IACP… read more


We had our first day today at the IACP Conference in Portland, Oregon.  It was a packed and exciting day.  Lots of networking and meeting interesting people.  And tonight there was the opening reception where Portland's finest chefs and vineyards produced the food and wine.  Excessive sampling of everything ensued.  But the highlight for me was that I met Madhur Jaffrey -… read more

Site maintenance

We will be doing some essential maintenance on the website this morning which will require the site to be down for up to 5 hours from 10:30am (EST).  Apologies if you need to use EYB at that time. Hopefully you will find the inconvenience worth it, as we will then be increasing the size of the EYB Library to over… read more

Need help from EYB members

We are soon planning to test the new EYB searches that we have been working away at recently.  It will take about 30-40 minutes and you would do it from home on your own computer, on April 27 or 29.  If you think you might be interested please email me at with some basic info - age, work/at-home/retired, # of cookbooks,… read more

Lighting the fire

The last snow was only a week and a half ago, and already this year's grill books are arriving. I don't blame the publicists for wanting to hasten the warm weather.  Last week, I bought my own first sack of charcoal for the season and threw the first steak on the grill.  It was beefy, juicy, smoke-kissed perfection.  But I… read more

1,000 Cookbook Indexed

Today we added our 1,000th indexed book - that is almost quarter of a million recipes now indexed.  Since we added two books at the same time, I couldn't decide which was the 1,000th since they seemed equally deserving. So we proclaim both Well Preserved by Eugenia Bone and Tuscan Cookbook  by Stephanie Alexander and Maggie Beer as our 1,000th book.  Fittingly, both Eugenia… read more

Oven Thermometers

As a cookbook reviewer, I sometimes have to measure where it would usually be perfectly fine to guess.  I don't always like having to measure 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, but I do it...I've got 5 sizes of measuring cups, a couple of instant-read thermometers, and a scale that gets regular use.  But the tool that makes me hands-down-flat craziest is… read more

Jamie Oliver’s petition to improve children’s eating habits

Jamie Oliver has launched an online petition to improve the eating habits and lifetime health of America's children.  This ties in with his new TV show Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution which is currently showing on ABC.  Jamie hopes to present the petition to Barack & Michelle Obama at the end of the series. You can see how many votes your state has generated - if you live… read more
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