Rolls redux

A few weeks ago, you might recall, I was struggling with the Kaiser Roll Quandary–and, thanks to EYB, had found and got ready to test some hamburger buns from The Commonsense Kitchen.

Well, what with one thing and another–and about 24 inches of snow–it took me till yesterday night to get round to trying it.  I had a meeting to go to after dinner, so I put the yeast and sugar into the mixer bowl and threw a sack of flour and a measuring cup on the counter to remind me I was in the middle of a project, when I came home in the inevitable, preoccupied fog.

When I returned, I stared stupidly at the ingredients for a moment before remembering about the buns.  But then I snapped to, made the yeasty sponge and let it sit in the cold kitchen overnight, while MORE snow fell.  Before dawn, I worked the sponge into a dough; as the phone rang announcing another 2-hour school delay, I worked the dough into buns.  The kids and I shoveled the drive, and then baked the buns; and on our snow-caked, rosy-cheeked walk to school, we ate them.

If there is a better walking-to-school-in-the-snow treat than a hot bun, its steaming crevices aswarm with butter, I don’t know it.  It might almost make you wish it snowed every day. It might–yet I think you’ll agree that in the end, it doesn’t.


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