T. Susan Chang

We've hijacked Susie's blog and we're interviewing her.  Susie (T. Susan Chang) has been reviewing cookbooks for years for NPR and the Boston Globe - there aren't many people around who know as much about cookbooks as Susie. Now she's become an author with the release this month of her own beautiful collection of stories, A Spoonful of Promises, about food and love, with 49 recipes. … read more

Thanksgiving sides–some better ones.

If you haven't yet drawn up your menu for Thursday, you've still probably made it as far as pinning down which turkey recipe you're going to use.  A lot of us, though, don't bother worrying about the vegetables because...they're vegetables!  It's enough work dealing with the bird, the stuffing, the pies.  The same goes for starchy sides. But with so… read more

More new features

As well as personal recipe indexing - we've added a few more features that we hope you'll enjoy. EYB has become a lot more colorful with the addition of images for your online recipes.  If you're using the "online recipes" filter you'll see images for the recipes and when you're in the details page you can zoom out to a larger… read more

Add your personal recipes and clippings to your Bookshelf

Do you have stacks of recipe clippings that you've saved from magazines; been given by friends; printed out from the internet?  They seemed so delicious at the time but, once they go into that big, black hole - called the 'clippings file/box/drawer' they seem to disappear once they're swallowed up by your filing system.  Trying to recall what that recipe… read more

Roundup season

I love this time of year, and not just because of the cool air and the glowing woodstove.  No, what's special about early November is that it's Holiday Roundup season, when I get to pick the top 10 cookbooks of the year for NPR.  (I also do the Boston Globe's roundup, which tends to vary a bit more in number… read more
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