Spring and Summer 2011 Cookbooks: Special Preview

One of the peculiarities of being a cookbook reviewer is that you're forever looking into the near future of food as the new press releases roll in.  Invariably, they offer tantalizing glimpses of seasonal foods that are several weeks or even months ahead of your garden, your kitchen, and the produce aisle of the grocery store. As with any fortune-telling… read more

Rolls redux

A few weeks ago, you might recall, I was struggling with the Kaiser Roll Quandary--and, thanks to EYB, had found and got ready to test some hamburger buns from The Commonsense Kitchen. Well, what with one thing and another--and about 24 inches of snow--it took me till yesterday night to get round to trying it.  I had a meeting to go to after dinner,… read more

Our biggest cookbook so far

It may not be the heaviest or even the largest cookbook we have indexed but Larousse Gastronomique is certainly the winner in terms of number of recipes.  We have just added the index and there are 3,880 recipes.  We had to add quite a few new ingredients for this book, notably a few songbirds such as lark, thrush and warbler (the French do… read more
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