And yet another Joy of Cooking gets indexed

We've just indexed the 1997 Revised Edition of Joy of Cooking, which contains 2,547 recipes (thanks to our indexer Tracey who labored on this one for weeks).  Since this is the third edition of the book we've indexed, the number of JofC recipes on EYB is 8,614 (2% of our total).  The book (in 31 different editions) is on 1,635 Bookshelves. … read more

Subliminal marketing and the “Every Day”

I've just been noticing that suddenly the words "Every Day" are appearing in the new cookbooks I see, well, every day.  This week it was Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Every Day and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's  River Cottage Every Day.  That's "Every Day" the adverbial phrase, not "everyday" the adjective.  "Everyday" the adjective has overtones of the humdrum, I suppose, even though you do see… read more

A very special dinner

Every so often we get to do something that is so special we can't believe it's really happening.  I had that feeling this weekend when I had the privilege of attending a dinner cooked by two of the world's greatest chefs - Heston Blumenthal and Thomas Keller.  They had got together at a beautiful spot on the east coast of New Zealand at… read more

Joan Nathan

Joan Nathan talks about how she unearths the stories she includes her books. The question I am most frequently asked is, "how do you find all the people with their stories for your books?"  And secondly, "how do you get the recipes?"  I answer that writing a cookbook is like going fishing.  Sometimes you find nothing.  Sometimes you reel in a… read more

Memoirs from chefs, recipes from home cooks.

I guess there's no two ways around it: chefs live more interesting lives than the rest of us.  On the whole, that's because their lives are also harder: late hours, low pay, high stress, a demanding public.  With success comes the expectation of simultaneously expanding, and reinventing yourself.  Not surprisingly, those chefs who survive have enormous character, and those who… read more

The death of the cupcake

Every once in a while I open a cookbook envelope and find something so, so, so strange I just have to drop everything and tell you about it.  That happened this week, when out popped: Zombie Cupcakes! Unless you've been hiding in a cave for the last 5 years, you know that cupcakes--specifically, cupcakes that look like something other than cupcakes--are all the… read more
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