London eating

Although I now live on the opposite side of the world to my home city of London, I'm fortunate to get back often enough to still feel in touch.   I don't tend to keep up to date while I'm away, so sometimes I find a new trend has gripped the country since my previous visit, though I'm still hoping for… read more

The Southern books are here

Like grill books, Mexican cooking books, and beach entertaining books, Southern cookbooks are usually published in late spring.  There's a good reason--because that's when the rest of the country starts warming up enough to feel at least a little bit, once in a while, like the South. I've always found that to be a wry bit of timing, because if… read more

400,000th recipe indexed

We reached another milestone this week when we indexed our 400,000th recipe on EYB.  I remember when we started EYB that the 100,000th recipes seemed a phenomenal amount.  But then we had just 15,000 cookbooks in the Library and now we have launched EYB in the UK, we should reach 100,000 in the next few months.  We now have (I… read more

Camp cooking

This week brought a brace of camping cookbooks, which I regarded with curiosity.  Though our family lives on 20 rustic acres, all my outdoor cooking--whether on propane burner or kettle grill--takes place no more than the requisite 10 feet away from the house.  Every dash back inside for a forgotten tool or ingredient counts as a hassle.  So how indeed,… read more
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