First blog indexed

We have now completed our first blog index - 1,099 recipes from the Simply Recipes blog by Elsie Bauer.  You can add the blog and recipes to your Bookshelf - every recipe has a Recipe online link back to the Simply Recipes site.  Another great feature on the blog recipes is that we can add the blogger's photos, which really enhances the… read more

Summer fruit cookbooks

I have a soft spot in my heart for fruit trees, but the feeling is not mutual.  Over the years, we've tried to plant at least a dozen fruit trees on the property.  Three have survived--two apples and a pear.  The apples blossom gorgeously, but out of sync, and as they must cross-pollinate to bear, they bear scantily if at… read more

Add blogs to your bookshelf

To make Eat Your Books even more useful we are adding blogs and food websites so you can now search ALL the recipes you want to use - whether they are in your cookbooks, in your magazines or on your favorite website.   Over the next few months we'll be adding more blogs and websites and we'd love to hear which… read more

Joe Yonan

Joe Yonan is the Food Editor for The Washington Post and recent cookbook author I knew writing a cookbook would be a lot of work. After all, I had done it before -- in 2004, with Boston chef Andy Husbands. What I didn't quite realize, though, was how personal, and therefore how gratifying, my latest project would end up being.I suppose… read more

The baked and the beautiful

When it comes to books about cake, there are the ones you use and the ones you don't.  There are the ones whose recipes you can, with a little attention, manage to produce yourself.  And then there are the ones where you just look through the pictures, slack-jawed.  I'm thinking of a book called Cakes to Dream On, with cakes that… read more

Cold and fizzy

Just before the tornadoes struck, we had a week of humid, sweat-soaked heat western Massachusetts.  Then came the twisters.  They broke the heat in the course of their rapid, destructive passage, and we were grateful, at least, for that. Cool relief was the theme, albeit in a superficial way, in the mailbox too.  As I noted in the NPR summer… read more
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