When we cook, we cook alone

Jeff Keys' ruminative author piece had me thinking about the solitude of cooks--not just chefs like Keys, who bear the responsibility for feeding and pleasing tables and tables of visitors every night, but home cooks too. Personally, I like company in the kitchen.  It takes the edge off after a long day, and it makes the expectation we all face--coming up with… read more

Cookbook Voyeurism!! Install the EYB Widget

Have you ever clicked on another member's username to see the list of books they own?  It's the next best thing to standing in front of their bookcase.  Now we've made it easier for you to browse 1,000s of other members' Bookshelves, and compare them with your own collection.  We've made several improvements to the profile page and will continue… read more

Jeff Keys

It's 12:30 AM at Vintage Restaurant and my work day is finally over. The restaurant is dead quiet and sparkly clean and I'm the last one to leave. The imprint of the day is hard wired into my bones and the echoes of the wild night still hum in the walls and whether it was a good day or a bad… read more

Graphic innovations in cookbooks

I notice more and more of late that publishers are experimenting with cookbook design.  Not just in cookbooks intended for kids, where bold pictures, big type, and the occasional Elmo are par for the course.  They're re-thinking everything from illustration and type design to what the book is printed on. Last year there was BBQ25, with its heavy board, wipe-off pages.… read more

40 degrees of latitude

I've often noticed that the equatorial and tropical cookbooks come out in summer, when the greatest number of people have a chance of getting the warm-weather produce typically found in those climates.  So we often see Mexican cookbooks and Thai and Vietnamese cookbooks around this time of year. This year, what I'm seeing are subtropical cookbooks--cuisines from that zone of mild… read more

2,000th book indexed

We have just indexed our 2,000th cookbook and we are heading towards half a million recipes. With lots of magazines and blogs now being indexed too, the recipe index on Eat Your Books just keeps getting more and more useful. Don't forget you can add any of the online recipes to your Bookshelf - you don't have to own the… read more

Eat Your Books – minus the books

I've been away from home the last week at a summer rental house, confronting all the adjustments required in an unfamiliar kitchen: radiant burners instead of propane, non-stick pans instead of cast-iron, and above all, no cookbooks except the ones I brought.  I brought just 5, which I thought was pretty restrained. And four of those were for ice cream… read more
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