"Someday" books.

I think we all have cookbooks we keep around and never use.  Books all about appetizers, say, but who has time to entertain?  Books on Malaysian cuisine, for the day we find a bigger Asian grocery, one that stocks the ingredients.  Books on butchering hogs, because, well, you never know.  And books on making your own beer, which mostly remind you how much you like beer, and how maybe someday you'll make some but right now you just want to drink one.

Of late I've been finding I have a whole new class of "someday" books:  doughnut books.  I think I've seen six this last year, and I've paged through them with increasing interest each time.  I picture myself swathed in my apron, the windows wide open to let out the frying fumes, bringing the warm doughnuts to the table where my kids sit gaping in adoration.  The recipes don't look that hard.  I'm comfortable with yeast, and I'm even comfortable with deep-frying.  The pictures are mouthwatering.

Yet somehow, several minutes into this fantasy, another set of reactions starts to kick in.  The pores of my face start to itch, as though clogged with grease.  I'm suddenly aware of the last few pounds of tummy fat I haven't quite worked off.  I look at my T-shirt and notice a couple of permanent stains from my last Bright Idea.

 I put the book on the Baking and Pastry shelf, next to three or four other doughnut books.  "Someday," I say to myself.  "Someday."

It really is going to happen--I can almost taste those doughnuts.  I don't feel guilty about it, and I don't feel like a failure, even if I am, a little bit, in denial.  After all, everybody has to have their fantasies, whether they get around to them or not. Even you!  So tell us, what are your "someday" books?  (And when "someday" turns to "today," will you invite us over to share?)


  • Nicole  on  9/13/2011 at 2:07 PM

    I am having a donut party at my house next weekend. I too have collected many donut books over the last year. I have used them a few times, probably more than my figure would like, but not enough to make them worth the investment. My someday books are my bread books. I always end up making the same bread and pizza crust because I know the recipe by heart and it is easy. I dream of making artisan breads.

  • redjanet  on  9/13/2011 at 2:20 PM

    My someday books are my baking books in general. I've bought these books thinking of all of the occasions when these recipe would be great to try, but although I like to cook for family and friends, I never seem to do so enough to warrant having so many recipes for large cakes, etc. My household consists of just myself and my husband (and my cat, though he's not getting any cake from me!) and I'm loathe to bake big cakes and then have loads of leftovers which I know *I* will end up eating mostly on my own as I usually have a bigger appetite (and sweet tooth) than my spouse.

  • clare_)b74  on  9/13/2011 at 6:12 PM

    My Someday Books are books on making your own cheese - like someday milk prices will tank so much so that using 4 litres of good unhomogenised milk will be cheap enough to justify producing a teensy tiny feta?! But they remind me how much I like cheese and how excellent our local cheese producers are, so good news for them I guess LOL

  • SueLau  on  9/24/2011 at 4:03 PM

    I think doughnut books are just an extension of the cupcake books. People think them smaller than cakes, which they are, but it doesn't make them healthier per serving, which is the illusion I think most publishers would like to put over on us. I imagine they have lots of doughnut manuscripts gathering dust in some back room that haven't seen the light of day since all the doughnut shops starting closing some time back. How many years has it been now that eating a doughnut was a capital offense? I feel so old and could use a soft, lightly frosted French crueller right now.

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