3 coffee tips plus how to clean a burr grinder

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It’s Monday, the Olympics are over, and it’s time for (some of) us to get back to work. So we thought these coffee-related tips would be helpful. The first three are from the America’s Test Kitchen Feed and concern Eliminating Early Morning Coffee Problems:

  • Problem # 1: Your milk cools down your coffee
  • Problem #2: You don’t have any flavored coffee on hand
  • Problem #3: Your grinder grinds unevenly

The fourth tip is from I Need Coffee and gives precise instructions on how to clean a burr grinder. We especially liked that the first part of the lesson was how to determine if you really needed to clean the grinder at all. Also, the rice portion of the cleaning is something that very effectively cleans all types of grinders. Enjoy!


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  • robbra  on  August 14, 2012

    Warning for that burr cleaning tecnique, I wrecked my grinder doing it this morning.

  • Jane  on  August 16, 2012

    I contacted the writer of the article about cleaning your burr grinder with rice and she replied:

    "Keep in mind that he/she may be attributing the issue to the rice, but it could very easily have been an issue with the grinder itself. People tend to wait until the grinder is almost completely impacted before cleaning a home grinder. There might have been so much buildup of oil and coffee dust that it was just too far-gone.

    But…. let's assume that the reader followed directions and that the grinder was not "too far-gone."… in that scenario, then there's only one other thing that I can even imagine.

    Very, very occasionally, I've noticed that some of the rice I buy has small pieces of stone in it. A stone could mess up a grinder. And you never know where a stone could have come from…. I've also seen a small stone in a bag of artisan-roasted coffee. It's probably a 1 in a million chance."

    So I would add to the instructions, make sure there are no stone chips in your rice before using it in a grinder.

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