54 winning healthy lunchtime entries from kids

Sometime ago Epicurious announced The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. They asked kids between the ages of 8 and 12 to submit healthy lunchtime dishes. They received over 1,200 entries and a distinguished judging panel chose a winning entry from each state and territory. Last Monday, the winners were hosted by Michelle Obama for a “Kids’ State Dinner” (actually lunch). 

This was a win-win for all — the kids and parents spent creative time together in the kitchen, the kids (and parents?) learned a little more about cooking and healthy food, and we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor with a downloadable cookbook that Epicurious has made freely available. So take a look at the recipes; we’re sure there will be more than a few that kids – and even non-kids – will truly enjoy. (Being from Massachusetts, we can’t help but be especially proud of the Mass.  winning entry of Tapenade and Goat Cheese Sandwich).

Winning kids for healthy cookbook

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  • Christine  on  August 30, 2012

    This is so great! With all the doom & gloom about the state of kids' nutrition, the best possible thing anyone can do is to teach kids about food, teach them how to cook, and get in the kitchen with them. And for any adults still intimidated by preparing home-cooked food (no EYB'ers I'm sure!), if 8-12 year olds can do it, so can you! Kudos to these inspiring little cooks!

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