Revel in lemons


Slate recently published a wonderful article called “When Life Gives You Lemons, Put Them in Everything.” And what’s not to love about a lemon? It’s a beautiful fruit which adds zest to both sweet and savory dishes, brings out flavor (without any fat!), and makes hair shine. Plus many grocery stores sell them in sacks, making them affordable and plentiful.

The article explains why lemons work their magic, why vinegar isn’t necessarily a good replacement, how to maximize their juice, and how to buy them: “They should be bright yellow in color, firm to the touch, smooth, and heavier than you might expect considering their size. They should also be lemon-shaped. (Seriously. The closer it looks to the Platonic ideal of a lemon, the more likely it is to be perfectly juicy.)”

The information is followed with ideas of how to use lemons more (all with links to recipes): 

“And how should you use that juice and zest once you’ve obtained it? Here are a few ideas: Squeezed into soupssauces, and drinks. Tossed with saladsvegetables, and pasta. Rubbed onto porkchicken, and fish. Baked into cakes, muffins, and snacks. And added to anything and everything containing mayonnaise.”

One of our favorite ideas is to very thinly slice lemons and put them on pizza before baking. We’d love to hear your ideas — does anybody use lemons in an interesting way?

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