An apple variety flow chart resolves apple confusion

Apple flow chart

It's apple season, at least here in the northern hemisphere, and we continue to be amazed by how many apple varieties show up in the stores. And confusion reigns - which should you choose for eating, baking, making apple sauce, carving, making cider etc. etc.

Slate has come to our rescue with this incredibly helpful chart developed by Andrew Mikolajski - just print it out, take it to the store, save it on your computer, or whatever - and relax.

And for fun, we checked the EYB library on how many cookbooks our members own that just concern apples. We found 34 different titles, which we've sorted by popularity. Now that you know which apple to buy, check out these books to learn how to use them.

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  • ksoupcoff  on  10/8/2012 at 7:36 PM

    Delightful. I like the feed it to a horse. I was looking for that.

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