Quick food tips plus Affogato


Gourmet Live has compiled ten top food tips from Twitter. Surprisingly, Twitter is a good place to find food tips. As Gourmet points out, "at 140 characters, the information has to be straight to the point and concise." And this list even includes one of the shortest recipes known - Affogato.

Here are our five favorites, check out the complete list here:

  • Hate those small chunks of garlic in your pesto? Mince & mash garlic to a paste w/ salt before adding to food processor.
  • When working with fresh herbs, use only the leaves−the exception is cilantro, which has tender, flavorful stems.
  • The quickest way to chill wine and beer? Stick it in a bucket or tub of ice, cold water, and a couple handfuls of salt.
  • Easiest dessert ever? Affogato! That's Italian for scoops of good vanilla gelato or ice cream drowned in hot espresso.
  • Our new favorite greasy grime cleaner? Rubbing alcohol! A doused rag cleans up your tea kettle in a flash!

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