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We have added seven great new blogs this month - add the entire blog or individual recipes to your Bookshelf. 

A blog completely devoted to chocolate - what a great theme for a blog to help satisfy the cravings of us chocoholics. Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog thought so and all 269 recipes on her blog use some form of chocolate. Her passion for baking has gone from adding jam to the tarts as a small child to this creative blog using the most wholesome ingredients - so it's healthy too!

ShakshukaAs an avid traveller and lover of all things to do with food, Cara Water's blog, Gourmet Chick,  covers reviews of restaurants, hotels and anything else food related that she comes across on her travels. In typical Antipodean style she has visited most continents, so should you be embarking on a trip it's worth checking to see if Cara's been there too and benefit from her experiences.  She has an eclectic mix of recipes that reflect her interest in many different cuisines.  

Avocado ice cream As a self-confessed geek and food lover, Kavey Favelle has been posting about food on the net since 2006.  She started her blog, Kavey Eats, in 2009 which covers her love of food, travel, photography, eating out and eating in. With an Indian heritage and being well travelled her recipes incorporate many different flavors and ingredients. You'll find great ice cream recipes, as Kavey runs a 'Bloggers Scream for Ice Cream' competition each month.

Roasted Beetroot Soup Based in a fairly remote part of England and surrounded by the most incredible produce and producers, Dominic Franks' blog, Belleau Kitchen, shares his recipes featuring the wonderful local produce and is therefore as seasonal as can be.  Dominic grew up influenced by his mum and Delia Smith's cooking - his recipes reflect their simple, classic style.


Yoga Pot The importance of food in Brian Samuels' life is such that it has helped shape the person he is today. Through recipes, personal anecdotes, and historical/cultural information, his blog, Food for Thought aims to make people think about the role that food plays in our lives.


Cardamom meringuesFashion and food may seem like an unlikely combination for a blog, but Katy Atlas does it with great style at Sugarlaws.  Her recipes range from the healthy to the indulgent and always beautifully presented and photographed.  Katy started her blog as a single living in a tiny Manhattan kitchen. She now lives in Houston with her husband and two dogs and a lot more space.


Red velvet Swiss roll An obsession with baking led Ruth Clemens to enter the first series of the Great British Bakeoff.  Her second placing led to a new career in the baking industry, including her own cookbook, The Busy Girl's Guide to Cake Decorating.  Her wonderful baking blog The Pink Whisk is a wealth of knowledge of all things baking and decorating - including how to create a Sugar Veil, create beautiful cakes for all occasions or when to soak your fruit in time for Christmas (it's now!).

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