The silliest food network recipes

Waffle Fries

Looking for a quick laugh? Over at BuzzFeed Food, they’ve collected The Most Hilarious Food Network Recipes of All Time. And we have to say, these are pretty priceless. Here are a few classic  examples:

  • Robin Miller’s Orange-Ginger Salad: The total ingredients are 2 cups preshredded carrots and 3 tablespoons store-bought ginger dressing; instructions are mix well to combine. 
  • And then there are Paula Deen’s English Peas: 1/4 stick butter combined with 2 cans of English peas, drained and heated. 
  • If these are too difficult, though, the recipe Dark Chocolate as a Snack only has one ingredient – 1 ounce dark chocolate. They don’t mention to eat it, but it’s kind of implied.

And curiouser and curiouser is that Paula Deen’s recipe rated four stars. 

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