Pizza! The best breakfast pizza plus how to stretch pizza dough

Breakfast pizza

Where would we be without pizza? Without question, life would be emptier. But just because we eat so much of it (according to Yahoothe annual per capita pizza consumption in the USA is 23 pounds) that doesn't mean we know everything we need to know. So we're devoting today's blog to two vital pizza questions: How to stretch pizza dough successfully and How to best prep pizza for breakfast.

Amanda over at Food 52 gives us the answer to our first question with this great video on how to stretch pizza dough. The key is to let gravity do the work.

Then at The Kitchn they have a quick tutorial on Why Pizza Makes the Best Breakfast. Yes, we know that there are those who believe the best breakfast is to eat cold pizza out of the refrigerator - and who are we to question that? However, a hot breakfast pizza does have its attractions. Besides the obvious fact that pizza tastes good anytime, it makes a great platform to eat lots of vegies for breakfast. We could also note that the writer got a husband out of this dish - but that may, or may not, be attractive. Enjoy!

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  • bevmarshall  on  11/1/2012 at 10:09 PM

    You read my mind - kind of. Just yesterday I was googling how to stretch pizza dough as we had fired up our new wood fired pizza oven. I usually roll it out with a rolling pin, but practise makes nowhere-near-perfect-but-perfectly -adequate stretched bases. I plan to practise more and will report progress on my blog so thanks for the timely info!

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