Chicken soup - and green tea - do help treat colds

chicken noodle soup

The Kitchn pointed us in the direction of an interesting article - whether you're dealing with winter flu season or summer cold season. In "Chicken Soup for Treating a Cold: How Effective is it Really?" they look at a Healthline article that evaluates which of the most popular cold  remedies are hype vs. which are actually  helpful.

It turns out that while chicken soup isn't effective in preventing a cold, it can help alleviate symptoms - and it's perfectly safe. Another food item that looks promising in both preventing and treating colds is green tea. However, garlic and hot toddies - not so much so. You can read all the background information on these and other cold remedies in The Truth About Natural Cold Remedies.

And to find the best chicken soup recipes, we asked the EYB library to sort the most popular recipes in books, magazines, and online. Here are the results:

Best of health to everyone.

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