Happy national bundt cake day!

Spiced cranberry bundt cake

It seems that every day is a “national” day (or week or month) for some sort of food item. It’s easy to ignore most of them,  but every now and then a “national day” comes along that should be celebrated. We feel that way about “national bundt cake day.”

Bundt cakes are awesome – they seem to feed a million people (slightly exaggerated) and store beautifully – but most importantly they’re the ideal cake for people who don’t feel confident that they’re good bakers but feel compelled to produce a home-baked cake. After all, icing is an option (a glaze or even just powdered sugar works well), and the cake comes preshaped. What’s not to love?

So in honor of national bundt cake day, we gathered from the EYB library a collection of bundt cake recipes available online and sorted them by popularity. Among those at the top was this “Spiced Cranberry Bundt Cake” by Dorie Greenspan which certainly fits the season. Enjoy!




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