Introducing the Thanksgiving Cherpumple and the Sir Plumple

Sir Pumple
Now that a Turducken has become almost mainstream (we even wrote a serious blog about it), we’re very pleased that Serious Eats has taken up the gauntlet of producing a new, outlandish Thanksgiving treat – and not just one, but two.

The Cherpumple is described thusly:  “First there was an original Cherpumple (yes there was a forefather Cherpumple who spawned derivative Cherpumples); it was comprised of three layers of pie-cherry, pumpkin, apple, hence the portmonteau name  “cher-pump-le.” Each of these pie layers was baked into a cake, and they were all stacked on top of each other.”

Then, during a Cherpumple bakeoff, the Sir Plumple was born: 

  • Top layer: Chicken pot pie baked into turkey-duck meatloaf (a turducken riff).
  • Middle layer: Green bean casserole pie baked into sage-sausage stuffing.
  • Bottom layer: Sweet potato pie baked into jalapeno cornbread.
  • Exterior: Mashed potato frosting, fried garlic sprinkles and a cranberry sauce and chives garnish forming the shape of the Serious Eats logo on top.

You’ll need to read the comments for the reviews. But we thought we’d bring you this inspiration — it certainly puts a regular Thanksgiving meal in perspective.

And for more “normal” recipes, remember that we have Serious Eats indexed in the EYB Library.

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