The one kitchen app that rules them all

virtual beaker of almonds

Since we ran a Black Friday gift article with ideas from Michael Ruhlman and others last week, it’s only appropriate that we acknowledge Cyber Monday – the time that everyone goes online to shop. Of course, now it’s perhaps even more appropriate to acknowledge that an EYB membership is the perfect cyber gift, but we also wanted to bring up an app that would be a perfect accompaniment to an EYB membership – the Kitchen Aid Kit Pro.

Whereas you can get all the recipes and info about which cookbooks to buy from EYB, the Kitchen Aid Kit Pro provides other necessities. It has a virtual beaker than allows you to measure hard-to-calculate items like almonds, a virtual scale, a calorie counter, multiple timers, and a food storage guide. The app earned a 9 out of 10 points from AppStorm, who described it as:

“Kitchen Aid Kit Pro makes full use of the iPad’s form to deliver a level of usefulness which goes beyond that offered by a classic cookery book. Combining user-friendly content with an ingenious level of interactivity, as highlighted by the ability to match the on-screen beaker with one which resides in your cupboard, the app incorporates the elements of several kitchen aids into one convenient package.

Kitchen Aid Kit Pro is offered in both free and Pro versions, but while the former should prove adequate to glean a general idea of the premise, splashing out on the full version is much recommended and offers a far more comprehensive kitchen companion.”

Unfortunately it is iPad only, but for those on an Android system, it will be something to keep an eye out for. For complete information, see AppStorm’s review here.

P.S. We did want to apologize to Michael Ruhlman for inadvertently calling him Mark, not Michael, in Friday’s post. What’s even more inexcusable is that we own and love all his books.

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