Eliminating smelly fish odors

Fish in Oven

We all know that we should eat a lot of fish – not a hardship since fish can be extremely tasty. But you rarely see a discussion regarding one issue with fish – the odor that remains after you cook it. Over at the Kitchn they’ve looked at the problem and come up with some solutions. Here are a few:

“First wipe up any drips or splatters with a water- or vinegar-moistened towel. Then try one of these odor-eating strategies:

  • Fill a baking dish with an inch of water and a teaspoon of vanilla extract and place it in the oven on low heat for about an hour. Check periodically to make sure the water hasn’t evaporated.
  • Try the above with lemon juice instead of vanilla, or just white vinegar.
  • Bake lemon or orange peels in the oven.”

They also have suggestions on scrubbing with natural, non-toxic solutions and explain why you shouldn’t use your oven’s self-cleaning function (ever). For all the details, check out “Smelly Oven: How to Get Rid of Fish Odors.” And, of course, these solutions can be applied after cooking any smelly item, not just fish.


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