Are apple cider, apple juice, & hard apple cider interchangeable?

In colonial times, in both the United States and Canada, if you asked for a glass of cider - far more popular and safer than water - you'd get a beverage with somewhere around the alcoholic content of beer (2% to 8% ABV).  But alcoholic cider, now called "hard cider," gradually lost its popularity, finally killed off - at least… read more

The year of the South

With Nov. 6th one day away, our family has entered the final stages of electoral obsession.  Everyone in the family except the 6-year-old has their own electoral map, prompting dinner trash-talk like "Do you really think North Carolina's in play?" and "I can't believe you gave him Florida!"  There is ongoing contention as to whether the Eastern Seaboard or the Midwest is… read more

Peanut butter & pickles anyone?

Over at The New York Times Dwight Garnier has a fun blog item, Peanut Butter Takes On an Unlikely Best Friend. In it, he confesses to a love of peanut butter and pickle sandwiches (and he's obviously not pregnant). As he writes, "I've been happily eating these distinctive little sandwiches for years. The vinegary snap of chilled pickle cuts, like a… read more

What to substitute for fresh lemon juice

The Kitchn has an excellent blog item today, Help! Is There a Good Substitute for Fresh Lemon Juice. We're pretty sure our savvy members realize that fresh lemon juice is always the best choice but, let's face it, we've all run out of lemons or couldn't find them at one time or another. So this blog, which not only includes the… read more

Pizza! The best breakfast pizza plus how to stretch pizza dough

Where would we be without pizza? Without question, life would be emptier. But just because we eat so much of it (according to Yahoo, the annual per capita pizza consumption in the USA is 23 pounds) that doesn't mean we know everything we need to know. So we're devoting today's blog to two vital pizza questions: How to stretch pizza dough… read more
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