Preventing smoke alarms from going off without disabling them

dog in shower cap

We'll confess this posting is a little personal. Having forgotten that a) the windows are now closed, and b) how much smoke a steak on a cast iron pan can generate, we spent a lot of time a few days ago running around disarming all the smoke alarms in the house. And we'll admit we haven't gotten them back up, certainly not advisable.

So we thought this little tip from the Kitchn had a lot of appeal. Admittedly it takes some foresight, but it's still a great idea. If you know you're going to generate a lot of smoke, cover the alarms ahead of time with a shower cap. Not only does it prevent smoke from penetrating, but it's ugly enough that you'll remember to take them off.

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  • Thomas-Jake Walters @ smoke alarms  on  4/15/2013 at 1:31 AM

    That's really clever idea. I have never thought about that before. Using a "shower cup" is absolutely the perfect answer so you can prevent smoke alarms to go-off without disabling. And you can easily pull it off from the device.

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