Computers may help (replace?) chefs create new recipes

Food computer

We thought this article from NPR provides ample food for thought as we head into the new year. In Computers May Someday Beat Chefs at Creating Flavors We Crave, NPR profiles an IBM food-computer project, "Culinary creativity isn't just about coming up with something novel. Varshney and his colleagues are hoping to make a computer that will be able to come up with recipes that taste good and don't add to our waistlines." The interview is just two minutes long and well worth listening to.

It does make sense that computers can assist cooks in creating recipes - after all a computer can process millions of existing recipes which use flavor compounds that we know work well (think basil and tomato, or chocolate and, well, almost anything). In fact, the computer, using an entire realm of psychological and social knowledge, is also creating new combinations (bell peppers and black tea, turmeric and currants).

Current chefs don't need to worry though - it's not expected that the computer will be available for another five years. In the meantime, though, keep an eye on that new iPad - it may be plotting to some day take over the kitchen.

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  • sir_ken_g  on  12/31/2012 at 5:49 PM

    A feature in EYB that allowed nutritional specifications would help. Low salt, low fat, gluten-free. etc.

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