Cree LeFavour

Cree LeFavour is the author of The New Steak and Poulet, she's run her own baking business and taught writing - so she knows a bit about recipes - creating them and following.   In her "Cook Book" Alice B. Toklas admitted that when she "was still a dilettante in the kitchen" cookbooks held her "attention, even the dull ones,… read more

Come and meet your favorite cookbook authors in New York

This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Melanie who wins the cookbook and to Monica B, Katya and Maryanne who are joining us at the IACP Culinary Expo. Can you all please email us at with your email addresses. Come and Join us in New York!  This year's IACP conference is in New York, with some great food celebrities confirmed… read more

Health food, then and now

In the mail the other day came a book whose title struck me as odd:  500 of the Healthiest Recipes and Health Tips You'll Ever Need.  I wasn't sure, for a moment, what made it so odd.  But then I realized it was that "health food," as a term, isn't something we hear about so much these days.  Sure, we… read more

Have airplane food, will travel

It's midwinter break, and every other year that means a trip to Arizona to see my favorite in-laws, Grandma and Grandpa B. Unfortunately, it also means a long, cramped, economy flight with only two prospects: overpriced, mediocre snacks in the cabin, or overpriced, mediocre meals in the terminal.  Although there is decent food in Dallas/Ft Worth terminal, where we'll be… read more

Labors of love

Along with our own Jane Kelly and 248 others, I attended the Roger Smith Cookbook Conference over the weekend. It was just as I'd hoped--good company, stimulating panel discussions, excellent food. Among the panelists was my provocateuse du jour, Julia Usher--the author responsible for last week's Valentine's pledge, in which I promised to make fancy little heart-shaped cookies come hell or high water.… read more

Fancy cookies for Valentines big and small.

I have to confess I'm not really that great at holiday food projects.  Every year I want to make an Epiphany cake, but never do since we don't follow any ecclesiastical calendar here and I never know when to do it.  I sort of wanted to make wings for the Superbowl, but one kid had an ear infection and I… read more
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