Heston Blumenthal on the Olympics

Heston ruminates in the Financial Times on what the Olympics will mean for London.  He also explains how he and Simon Hulstone, a young chef he mentored, have developed a new menu for British Airways, an Olympics sponsor, to be served July to September. Four of the recipes are included in the article. read more

Pizza cornucopias

With the release of the new iPad, other innovations have received little attention. But the recent pizza expo in Las Vegas-attended by 10,000 people-highlighted some fun developments in the world of pizza. So are pizza cones the next big pizza thing? read more

Guinness stout beef stew

We appreciate that everyone might not love the classic St. Patrick's dish-corned beef and cabbage. Over at Serious Eats, they're producing a Guinness Week of recipes. This Guinness stout beef stew may please your leprechauns a bit more than cabbage and corned beef. read more

Rachael Ray denies using cookbook ghosts

Yesterday we noted a fascinating New York Times article, I Was a Cookbook Ghostwriter, by Julia Moskin that revealed the extent to which cookbook authors don't write or test their recipes. The article has gone viral so it's not surprising that the first salvo has been fired back. Rachael Ray, who has authored 20 cookbooks over the last ten years along with… read more

Would you pay $225 for a cookbook with just one recipe?

Susie reviews in the Boston Globe a new book Notes from a Kitchen which documents the obsessions of 10 different chefs.  There is just one recipe, for a cocktail, with 14 pages of instructions. The book costs $225 on Amazon - is this a book you could ever see yourself buying? read more

Who writes the cookbooks you buy?

A couple of interesting articles today on cookbooks: The Boston Globe has a feature on whether cookbooks are moving from books to cook from to books to look at. Not at EYB we think! The New York Times has a fascinating article by Julia Moskin about her experiences ghost-writing cookbooks for celebrity chefs.  I just wish there were some names attached! read more

Hear Susie talk about how her job as a cookbook reviewer impacts her kids

Fascinating radio piece by Susie on New England Public Radio on how her constant testing of cookbooks for her reviewing jobs at NPR Radio, The Boston Globe and of course EYB, mean that her children very rarely get repeat dinners.  And how their palates have had to adjust to the exotic and (sometimes) downright bad. read more

Matters of taste

Strangely enough, in just this past week I've seen two very different books on the scientific basis of taste. One looks at taste from a human-centered point of view. Barb Stuckey's a professional food developer.  Taste What You're Missing is a popular-science romp through the five senses, with lots of fun experiments to try at home (dye your tongue blue and… read more

One recipe cookbooks

When you bought the cookbook, you were sure it was forever.  You browsed through it on the first day, turning down pages or maybe sticking post-its on the pages.  Within a week you had tried a couple of the recipes and while they weren't all great, one of them knocked your socks off.  I'll have to remember that, you said… read more
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