A list for dreaming and a list for practical use


For today's blog we were torn between dreaming of traveling to the best outdoor farmer's markets or presenting some practical advice on how to best store your food items. Taking the easy way out, we decided to do both.

First up is National Geographic's list of the top 10 outdoor food markets (thanks to The Kitchn for pointing us in this direction). Whether you're in England, Santa Lucia, Toronto, New York, Singapore this list can point you in the right direction. And if you're putting off traveling for awhile, it never hurts to keep in the back of your mind just where you can find the best moose, reindeer, and bear salami.

Next, Food 52 has a two-part series on Smart Storage. As you unpack the groceries from the bags, now you'll know whether the item should go into the refrigerator or freezer, stay on the counter, or be put into the pantry. They also give advice on how long the goods should be stored.


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