Steak scam - that isn't Kobe beef you're eating

Grilled SteakForbes Magazine is running a two-part expose on the latest food scam - selling high-priced steaks and meat for even higher prices by labeling them "Kobe." The label "Kobe" became synonymous with high quality beef after numerous reports about a Japanese beef cow, grown in a small herd, that is intensively nurtured to provide the tenderest meat. And, in fact, in Japan the name "Kobe" is highly regulated and can be only be used for the real Kobe beef. But the USDA has not allowed any Japanese beef to be imported into this country in the last two years and, further, has no regulations regarding the name "Kobe." So when you order "Kobe" beef, there's no telling what you're getting.

And don't get misled by "Wagyu" or "Domestic Kobe Beef"  labels - they're also meaningless. Good steak should be costly if it's prime and properly aged, but don't pay extra for a meaningless label or, worse, pay for an inferior product because of that same label.

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  • Javier  on  4/19/2012 at 2:56 AM

    The virtues of Kobe, which refers to cuts of beef from the Tajima-ushi breed of Wagyu cattle considered a delicacy and renowned for its flavour and tenderness, are regularly touted by famous chefs and on menus all over the country.

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