IACP expands its awards to infinity and beyond (or at least the new media)

IACP LogoThe International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) has traditionally handed out annual cookbook awards, among the most prestigious in the industry. Additionally, they have honored great culinary writing with the Bert Greene Awards. This year, in a further outreach, they expanded their awards to include "New Media and Broadcast," a group containing online food blogs, websites, and culinary video and audio series.

We're highlighting the cookbook awards in a different posting, but wanted to also honor the culinary writers the IACP recognized as well as our fellow bloggers and culinary websites:

New Media & Broadcast Awards

Bert Greene Awards

  • Culinary Writing With or Without Recipes: "The Cake That Makes Our Family," (Lila Byock, Gilt Taste)
  • Culinary Writing About Beverages: "Beer Wars" (Kevin Cook, Playboy, not available on line)
  • Instructional Culinary Writing with Recipes: "Eat Shoots & Leaves" (a series by Raquel Pelzel, Amanda Cohen, Aki Kamozawa & Alex Talbot, Adam Erace, Sheri Castle; Gilt Taste)
  • Culinary Travel Writing or Memoirs or Personal Essays: "Sibling Rivalry at the Stove" (Tamar Adler, Gilt Taste)
  • Culinary Writing That Makes a Difference: "Is This the Food of the Future?"(John McQuaid, Eating Well)

Congratulations, one and all!

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