Cooking contests – find out what’s out there

mini rumptopfsWe know most of you are passionate cooks (why else would you have all those cookbooks?) and look to your books and recipes not only for instruction, but for inspiration. And we’re sure you’ve created wonderful dishes that you love to share with family and friends. And we even suspect that many of you think that those dishes might be worthy of a prize or two. But finding cooking contests to enter can take a lot of effort. So for those of you who are interested, we thought we’d mention a website for cooking contests, Cooking Contest Central. Every month it lists contests – large and small – that are looking for entrants. It is a pay site ($25/year), but it still has a lot of information about cooking contests for visitors. Taking a look might just inspire you to get your feet wet and, from then on, who knows what riches there may be.

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