Fusion recipes for Passover and Easter

 Deviled EggsMany of our favorite sites have inviting recipes for Easter and Passover. Just to single out a couple, The New York Times has a  wonderful collection of Passover recipes and, for Easter, Food 52 has a dream dinner that begins with two of our favorite vegetables, artichokes followed by asparagus.

Given the bounty of recipes available, we thought we'd take just a slightly different approach and single out two rather quirky, though still proper, dishes for the holidays. Our first, Persian-style Matzo Balls, is from Serious Eats; we loved the idea of a fusion recipe as representing seasonally appropriate cultural goodwill. And this penultimate recipe for deviled eggs from Virginia Willis, a French-trained southern cook, also unites cultures - those deviled eggs lovers who swear by mayonnaise and those who swear by butter. We can't think of a better way to use up those left-over eggs.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

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