Anthony Bourdain is much more than just a not so pretty face

Bourdain on the Daily Show

Like him or loathe him, Anthony Bourdain is one of the most fascinating figures in the food world today. After exposing the "seamy underbelly" of a commercial kitchen in Food Confidential, he moved on to traveling the world and introducing lesser-known food and cultures. But he has taken on other personas, including being the voice that punctures the adoring fan bubbles surrounding such tv food icons as Paula Dean and Rachael Ray. And now, according to Grub Street, he has  "transcended the role of TV personality to become an opinion leader." In their article, The Feeding Tube: The Anthony Bourdain Brand, they note that his cultural reach is vast and loud.

And to add an exclamation point, just as this article was published Bourdain made his appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart; it's hard to get a much larger cultural outlet. Eater has a video of the interview here; count Jon Stewart as an adoring fan as well.

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