An edible cookbook - read it, cook from it, eat it

edible cookbook

The German design firm, Korefe, has generated a lot of buzz in the food world with the first edible cookbook. The book is made of pasta sheets that have a lasagna recipe directly printed on them. The pages go into a baking dish, are slathered with cheese and tomato sauce, and then popped into the oven.

While perhaps solving the cookbook storage problem, we have to say we're not wild about this idea, nor do we imagine many of our members are. After all, this is a community that treasures its cookbooks. While we may be accused of devouring cookbooks, we're more nurturing than to do so literally.

For those of you who are inspired by this story, but also want to be less avant garde, here is a great traditional recipe for lasagna from one of our most popular chefs, Marcella Hazan (courtesy of Epicurious).

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  • Totins  on  4/13/2012 at 6:46 AM

    The idea of creating an edible cookbook makes a lot of sense -- after all, cookbooks are a tool to help one eat.

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