A Cajun shrimper, 1st day of culinary school, and ironing with Jim Beam

shrimp cocktailIt's May 10 - National Shrimp Day. And what a better way to celebrate than with this fun story. To set the scene: It's the first day of culinary school in New Orleans, and the chef instructor informs the class in no uncertain terms that they must show up everyday in full uniform, including pressed and clean jackets. One student, obviously more than a little intimidated, asks "What if I don't have an iron?" A Cajun shrimper (think Bubba Gump) proceeds to lecture the class with two excellent pieces of advice on what to do -- including why Jim Beam is better to use than Jack Daniel's. Plus there's even a love interest. Read the complete story by John Malik on Huff Post Food

And to honor National Shrimp Day, here are 1,111 full shrimp recipes we've indexed from our online sites; in particular, several of the shrimp recipes from Ina Garten rated 4 stars or more.

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